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September 29, 2011 /After Effects /

PMM mm good.

Oh blog – how I have ignored thee.  Back in the saddle so to speak after some crazy time on the road (Siggraph, IBC, etc etc).

By now you have heard of our acquisition of IRIDAS technology (just spent 3 days with their team and am VERY excited about the future), and that Adobe and Automatic Duck have entered into a strategic partnership.  Both of these developments are huge for AE, Premiere Pro and production workflow in general.

With that – I am also ECSTATIC that Wes Plate has joined Adobe, and specifically will be working with yours truly as the Product Marketing Manager (PMM) of After Effects (amongst other things).  Not only has Wes been an integral part of AE workflows since time immemorial, he explicitly understands that production is not a walled garden.  See what Walter Biscardi has to say about it:

Wes and I have known each other for years, and I can’t believe we are now on the same team.  For edification, the Product Manager (PM) and Product Marketing Manager (PMM) essentially work together along with the entire AE team to define, then articulate what AE will be in the future.



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