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September 7, 2014 /Product Focus /

Announcing the next release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014

Adobe’s professional applications continue to evolve at a blistering pace, and today we are thrilled to be announcing new features coming soon to the next release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014, which is accompanied by announcements of all other video and audio desktop applications including Prelude, After Effects, SpeedGrade, Media EncoderAudition and Adobe Story Plus. For an overview of the top new features for Adobe Pro Video check out the Creative Cloud blog – or reference our data sheet for more specifics.


All of the video applications feature a refined user interface, with new support for HiDPI displays on the Windows platform, accompanying the existing support for Apple Retina displays.

Premiere Pro boasts several new media and project management features to speed up workflows, especially when working across multiple projects and collaborating with others. New Search Bins allow editors to build new bins automatically, based on metadata searches within a project, with results showing as aliases of the original project items. An advanced Timeline Search makes it simple to find and select clips within a sequence based on specific criteria such as Clip Name or Marker comment. Significant and powerful improvements have been made to Multiple Project Workflows – multiple Media Browser panels can be open simultaneously, allowing fast browsing of other Premiere Pro and After Effects projects for easy access to their media and sequences. And the new Source Monitor Timeline View allows editors to preview sequences from other projects, getting direct access to their components to quickly bring into the current active project. Editors collaborating over shared storage will find working with each other’s projects is now a great deal easier.

When you’re ready to archive or move a project, Consolidate and Transcode is there to help.  Consolidate and Transcode converts sequences or an entire project into a single codec, while retaining the ability to make edit adjustments later, and leaving original projects untouched. Render and Replace enables quick timeline renders of clips and dynamically linked After Effects composition, with the ability to return to the original media or comp at any time. And full encode/decode support for the GoPro CineForm codec offers Premiere Pro users a new, cross platform intermediate codec, with full support for alpha and large frame sizes of 4K and beyond – an excellent choice for workflows where transcoding to a well-performing intermediate codec makes sense.

Premiere Pro continues to be at the forefront of Ultra HD and 4K workflows, and now offers support for the AJA RAW format from the new AJA CION camera. As 4K RAW productions continue to increase and editors demand the best performance possible, Premiere Pro’s GPU optimizations also grow – this release sees GPU debayering for Phantom Cine and Canon RAW, alongside existing support for RED and CinemaDNG, for amazing playback performance.

Two of the major features from our June 2014 release also see major improvements. Masking and Tracking now offers performance improvements. a free-draw polygon pen tool, and easy, on-screen Bezier adjustments, with feathering and expansion now accessible directly from the monitor. And Master Clip Effects are enhanced, featuring indicators in the timeline to quickly see if a clip has a master clip effect applied, and improved navigation between sequence clip effects and master clip effects.

Audio workflows are also given a boost in the next release, with improved Send To Audition and enhancements to AAF export for workflows requiring integration with digital audio workstations. And of course, there are many other features and fixes in the release, with more information coming soon.

Adobe continues to develop the tools you need to stay creative while keeping up with the ever-changing video and broadcast industries, and we hope you’re as excited by the next wave of innovation in our creative video and audio desktop applications as we are. Stay tuned for more information.

If you can’t attend IBC in Amsterdam – be sure to keep up with all that’s going on with Adobe Pro video at the show on our dedicated Adobe Pro Video YouTube playlist!

Visit the Creative Cloud video page for links and news from Adobe at IBC 2014 from September 12–17.

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  • By Ze'ev Gilad - 5:03 PM on September 11, 2014  

    It’s great you keep adding nice new “newsworthy” features … but what about fixing long-standing bugs/issues and addressing the basics that have been missing since the the beginning?

    1. WHAT ABOUT LEAVING CLIPS SELECTED after a Paste operation?!? Like every other app in the world?

    2. What about leaving a selection intact after an UNDO operation? (This costs me hundreds of minutes a week.) Like every other app in the world?

    3. What about allowing “.” as an abbreviation for “00” when entering timecode?

    4. What about letting the renaming of a clip in a bin be reflected in timelines?

    5. What about a “reduce project” option? (To remove all items not used by selected sequences, like Ae.)

    6. What about actually useful clip labels (colors) which link between timeline items and their respective clips in the bin? (Like Avid & FCP) So we can mark certain clips a certain color in a bin and have that color be reflected in timelines?

    7. What about being able to close the title tool with a shortcut, not just a tiny 4×4 button?

    8. What about fixing the title tool so it’s kerning/leading shortcuts are NOT the exact opposite of EVERY OTHER CC application?

    9. What about a simple “Select Media Relatives” command, like in FCP and Avid?

    10. What about fixing the audio scrub toggle shortcut so that it works without having to play or use the mouse?

    11. What about a shortcut for “Reveal in Finder”? It’s in the context menu — why no shortcut?

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