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Prelude on the Red Carpet

Hi! Michael Lewis here, Product Manager for Pre-Production workflows at Adobe.  A couple of weekends ago, I had the amazing opportunity to experience first hand the innovative workflow that Jason Pattan has implemented at MTV for red carpet and award show coverage.

Red Carpet moment

Michael Lewis on Red Carpet – No screaming fans. Hmm?

Jason is the director of content production and technology management for MTV Music Group, and there is a great and detailed blog post about the specifics of his workflow here. Let me give a quick recap of the workflow before going on.

  • 4-6 live camera feeds being captured as growing files to shared storage
  • 4 Prelude stations to ingest the growing files and create sub-clips
  • Send Sub-clips from Prelude to Adobe Media Encoder for transcode and transfer to a MediaSilo watch folder.
  • Post to MediaSilo for distribution to affiliates
Jason Pattan and Michael Goshey (Sr. Engineering Manager - Video Production Workflows Adobe)

Jason Pattan and Michael Goshey (Sr. Engineering Manager – Video Production Workflows Adobe)

Wow!  What an amazing spectacle this award show is in person!  And the first challenge that Jason and his team have is to capture all of the moments and feelings of the event.  From the musical artists walking the carpet, posing for photos, and giving interviews, to the response and energy of the crowds of screaming fans, they are constantly reviewing the clips in Prelude for the best moments. Their next challenge is to get clips up to the MediaSlo repository in as close to real time as possible for affiliates and their own MTV channel. Keep in mind, there are only 3-4 people working on creating clips at a time.  This year they were even a bit daring – I think it helped their confidence to have two Adobe people on hand – and tried a new workflow where two Prelude stations worked on the same clip at the same time.  Their daring paid off.  For the first time, they were able to finish creating and uploading clips from the red carpet to the MediaSilo repository before the main VMA show began. A fast and efficient workflow powered by Adobe Prelude CC 2014.  Nice!  I love this stuff!  J

Aside from the thrill of seeing Prelude meet the needs of this innovative production crew, I was also pretty psyched to be right in the middle of the area for post awards acceptance interviews and press photos.

Orange is New Black

Cast of Orange Is The New Black

We were stationed below the stage in the Press Room area, which meant that all of the most popular music artist walked right past us after receiving their music video award.

Photographer gallery

Press Room – Photographer gallery



Lorde wins Best Rock Video

I am usually pretty impervious to “fame”, but I’ll admit I was a little excited about seeing Beyoncé up close and personal.  The show was a success, and the workflow that Jason and his team implemented captured each and every thrilling moment the red carpet, the live performances, the award ceremony, and the behind the scenes action.  I don’t know if I will be able to make the case for attending again next year, but I will certainly try.

Michael Lewis

Press Room – Still no screaming fans



Beyoncé – Many, many screaming fans. Oh, I get it!


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