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April 1, 2014 /Product Focus /

What’s coming next in Adobe Prelude CC

Well, it’s that time of year again when we are excited to come out from behind closed doors and show you what our team has been heads-down working on for the past several months – the next major update of Prelude CC.  It has been a great year for Prelude, with it really coming into its own as a product.  We have seen a real upswing in the adoption of Prelude as the Ingest, Logging, and Rough Cut solution in the post-production world.  This has been especially true among news and sports productions, and we expect our new features to continue to add to this momentum.  We are also continuing to look at ways of increasing Prelude’s appeal to a broader market with optimized workflows, features, and utilities, like Adobe Prelude Live Logger .  Our goal with this release was to improve the efficiency and intuitiveness of key workflows within the application.  So let’s take a look at the new features!

Dramatically speed up shot logging by using the new Tag panel to create customized tags you can add with a single click as you review your footage. Enrich your media with metadata without typing—or typos. Save Tag templates for sharing between machines and users, or to re-use on new projects.

Each Tag applied appears as a comment marker  in on the Timeline, populated with a Tag Name and Description specified by the Tag Template button selected. All tags are fully searchable across Prelude (Project Panel, Timeline, Marker List Panel) and will also be fully searchable in the  Adobe Premiere Pro CC Project Panel.

A streamlined rough-cut workflow now lets you generate assembly edits with drag and drop ease, and new trimming with mouse and keyboard shortcuts automatically applys ripple trims directly in the Prelude timeline for basic editing.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Trim In Point of Selected Clip to CTI (Q)
  • Trim Out Point of Selected Clip to CTI (W)
  • INSERT Clip(s) at the PREVIOUS edit point ( , )
  • INSERT Clip(s) at the NEXT edit point ( . )
  • SELECT CLIP at Playhead ( D )
  • MOVE CLIP(S) LEFT ( [ )
  • MOVE CLIP(S) RIGHT ( ] )

Ingest panel enhancements give you more control when copying your media. Set custom values for auto increment renaming on ingest, and preview the transcoding duration and resulting file size of any shots you select for transferring and copying.

Apply File Metadata to All Destinations during ingest.

Project panel enhancements enable faster handling and organization of project items.  New sorting options make it easier to stay on top of large projects.  Use the Subclip Only view to quickly filter the Project panel down to the essentials.

Cycle through clips quickly for review and logging using keyboard shortcuts, Alt + P (Open Next Clip) and Alt + O (Open Previous Clip).  Drag and Drop clips to the New BIN icon to create a new bin with the selected items automatically added.

We are excited to introduce these new features and enhancements for our next release.  Many of them are in direct response to customer feedback and feature requests, so thank you for helping us make Adobe Prelude a better product!

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