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November 6, 2014 /Creative Profiles /

Premiere Clip Creative Profile: Ryan Blaske

Creative Profiles highlight Premiere Clip users and their inspiring videos

Today we’re highlighting Ryan Blaske from Three Oaks, Michigan. Ryan works as a full time video editor in South Bend, Indiana and takes freelance gigs as a videographer around the Midwest. Ryan’s Premiere Clip video, Flag Day, was featured in the Community Feed. Watch it here.


Premiere Clip: Song on repeat at the moment?blaske_1

Ryan Blaske: Running Into Mirrors by Tenement. A friend of mine recently turned me on to this band. This song has been on replay a lot recently.


PC: Desert island book?

RB: Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman


PC: Favorite scene in a film/television show?

RB: Breaking Bad is by far my favorite television show. There is a particular scene where Walter White is looking for the money to save him and his family from Gustavo Fring. Walter becomes irate in the crawl space when he finds out that Skyler (his wife) has given away all his money to Ted. Everything about this scene, in my opinion, is perfect. The acting, the camera movements, the sound design and how “creepy” and uncomfortable you feel watching it all come together to create an amazing television scene:


PC: What inspires you?

RB: My wife is a big inspiration in my life. She is the strongest person I know. I admire her drive to try new things and get noticed. Last year she started her own donut shop here in town and it has been very successful! She inspires me to be better every day.


PC: What are you passionate about?

RB: I’m passionate about telling stories in a unique way. I like the challenge of taking a subject that might be “uninteresting” to someone and making it unique and worth watching.


PC: How did you get into video production?

RB: In high school, I always enjoyed making short videos. Whether it be skating videos, local concerts, or just some ‘goofy’ short films. After high school, I wanted to take filmmaking more seriously and see what I could really do. I saved up my money and bought the Canon t2i. I asked a local musician and good friend of mine if he wanted to make a music video. We walked around our small town and shot it in one day.  People started to take notice of the end result and through that I began getting more requests for various video work.


PC: What aspects of video production are your “specialty” (cinematography, directing, producing, editing, location scouting, etc.)?

RB: When starting out there are a lot times where you play every role on set. But, over the years I have learned to love Cinematography, Video Editing and Directing.


PC: What are your favorite types of content to shoot?

RB: Short form documentary/commercial is by far my favorite to shoot. I like the challenge of telling a compelling story in a short period of time. I have also learned to love the art of time-lapse photography in the last year and a half.


PC: What do you think is the most challenging/intimidating part of video creation?

RB: Time is probably the most challenging part of video creation for me. Whether you have only one chance to capture a special moment, or simply a small amount of time allotted for an individual shot or entire project, it’s important to keep a schedule to keep things moving forward, and sometimes that can be a bit of a challenge.


PC: How do you see Premiere Clip fitting into your overall video workflow?

RB: On some of my recent shoots, I have had people take some “Behind the Scenes” footage on my phone. I can see Premiere Clip being very convenient to make short videos like this for ‘behind the scenes’ clips. I take a lot of short videos on my phone throughout the day, but I never had a place to put them all together. I could download them to my computer, but I didn’t see the point. I love that I now have the option to compile these clips into a short film right on my phone and be more mobile with quick publishing.  

 Flag Day


 PC: What inspired you to make Flag Day?

RB: The town I live in, Three Oaks, MI has the country’s “largest Flag Day parade”. It’s pure Americana. This past Flag Day celebration, I had just recently purchased my iPhone 5s with the 120fps feature, and I wanted to test out the slow-motion. During the parade, I held my phone in the same spot periodically with the intent to make a short film. I never did anything with the footage, and it just sat on my phone for months. The night I downloaded Premiere Clip, I remembered I had all these Flag Day clips on my phone, and this would be the perfect opportunity to cut something together. I loved the process of editing “Flag Day”. I was done in about ten minutes and I’m very happy with the end result.  


PC: What do you think is the easiest aspect of using Premiere Clip?

RB: I love how you can import multiple clips in Premiere Clip and easily move, trim, and duplicate any of the clips. The interface is very user-friendly and fun to use.


PC: What is your favorite part of using Premiere Clip?

RB: My favorite part when using Premiere Clip are all the “Looks” – There are a lot of filter apps out there, and nothing looks as good as these. I use Adobe Speedgrade in my professional work and these are just as good as the real thing!


PC: What ideas do you have for your next project #MadeWithClip?

RB: My wife and I frequent Chicago quite a bit and I would love to showcase the city using just my phone and Premiere Clip. The options are endless and I can’t wait to see what I can do on the fly.


You can check out more of Ryan’s work here:

2014 Demo Reel:


You can find Ryan on Twitter: @RyanBlaske





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