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June 15, 2015 /Product Focus /

Premiere Pro CC 2015

Today we are extremely excited to be releasing the newest version of Premiere Pro CC, which is accompanied by all-new versions of our creative video and audio desktop apps, including Prelude, After Effects, SpeedGrade, Adobe Media Encoder, and Audition, alongside a powerful new mobile application for iOS, Adobe Hue, an update to Premiere Clip and the first public preview of Adobe Character Animator (installed as part of After Effects). Learn more about this entire release here.


Creative Cloud members and trial users will be able to download and install these applications today using the Creative Cloud desktop application, or online from


PLEASE NOTE: that the 2015 Creative Cloud releases are designed to remove previous versions of the CC apps. More information on this and how to adjust this default behavior can be found here.


The 2015 release of Premiere Pro CC contains all of the amazing features we previewed at NAB 2015 in April, including the new Color workspace featuring the Lumetri Color Panel and powerful new real-time scopes, Morph Cut, an improved Premiere Clip workflow, Time Tuner, task oriented Workspaces, expanded format support, audio workflow enhancements, caption burn-in, editing refinements, and improved support for Windows touch devices. Full information on these features can be found here.


The inclusion of Creative Cloud Libraries in Hue, Premiere Clip, Premiere Pro, and After Effects, powered by Adobe CreativeSync, make creative assets like Looks and graphics automatically available across a user’s applications, as well as empowering collaborative workflows between team members via shared Libraries. Jump start your creative projects by quickly searching over 35 million quality images and graphics in the new Adobe Stock image service. Subscribe to an Adobe Stock stand-alone plan, or get the best value when you buy it as part of your Creative Cloud subscription.


In addition to the significant number of new and enhanced features, this release also includes hundreds of bug fixes and stability improvements, including greatly improved Mercury Transmit performance. A full list of fixed bugs can be found here.


Alongside the key features described above and in the original blog post, there are multiple other improvements, a full list of which appears below.


  • New native formats are supported: JPEG 2000 MXF Op1a, Panasonic 4K 444, Canon XF-AVC XC10, DNxHD with compressed alpha, and Dolby 5.1 export
  • Looks applied in Premiere Clip now pass through to Premiere Pro (requires latest version of Premiere Clip)
  • A composite view is shown in the 2-up display in the Program Monitor when drag-trimming an edit point in the timeline
  • A Video Mixdown option is available when exporting AAF
  • The anchor point can be dragged in Direct Manipulation
  • Consolidate and Transcode now supports handle durations of up to 999 frames
  • Fielded footage can be monitored over HDMI
  • Trim and Nudge can use the same keyboard shortcut
  • ProRes media performance has been improved by up to 2x on Mac
  • A ‘Hide’ checkbox has been added to the Project Panel, and a ‘View Hidden’ option to the contextual menu in the Project Panel, so that users can have items in sequences which are not visible in the Project Panel by default
  • A ‘Preserve Alpha’ checkbox has been added to Consolidate and Transcode
  • Support for RED DEB, REDcolor4 and DRAGONcolor2 has been added
  • Up and down cursor arrows can be used to adjust numerical parameters
  • The maximum sequence size is now 16K
  • The Project Panel can be sorted by XMP metadata
  • Input only devices can be used on the Mac without needing to create an aggregate device
  • Source Settings for RAW formats now appear as intrinsic Master Clip Effects, and Source Settings can be applied to multiple selected clips in the Project Panel
  • Master Clip Effects can be removed from the Project Panel
  • 4-point editing has been improved by enabling Ignore Source Out
  • Clip Markers are still displayed in the timeline for tracks set to minimum height
  • In loop playback Trim mode in the program monitor, the I and O buttons can be used to adjust the position of the edit point on the fly
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to Play Audio In to Out and Play Video In to Out
  • A Revert Trim Session button can be added to the Program Monitor to enable an edit point to be returned to its original position before Trim Mode was entered
  • The transition UI has been restored in the Effects Control Panel
  • An eyedropper tool is available in the Color Matte dialog
  • Improved support for discontinuous timecode in Multicam workflows
  • Subsequences can be created from parts of a sequence
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  • By Jake - 12:04 AM on June 16, 2015  

    Great stuff Adobe. However I’m still waiting for android apps.

  • By Mariano - 9:18 AM on June 16, 2015  

    When trim change a clip now it shows half the screen and the other half screen the clip near to the begin or end of the clip I’m editing. but it doesn’t work properly sometimes doesn’t show while I trim. anyway to change this like it was before just showing the clip I’m trimming. I’m in a rush edting and this is killing me !

    • By Meagan Keane - 12:27 PM on June 18, 2015  

      Hi Mariano,

      We don’t fully understand what you’re asking. Your best resource for help and support is on our forums so I encourage you to post your issues there:

  • By bryce hoover - 5:28 PM on June 16, 2015  

    Has anything changed with media managing (consolidating) SD files that contain closed captioning?
    Are we able to import files with captioning, edit them, take advantage of the tool set available for searching the captioning for words and phrases, and still project manage them (consolidate)?
    CC 2014 isn’t able to consolidate captioned files (SD) and this is a BIG problem for my group.

    • By Meagan Keane - 12:27 PM on June 18, 2015  

      The feature set for closed captioning has not seen major changes in CC2015, but a large number of bugs have been fixed.

  • By Nathan Carpenter - 7:20 PM on June 19, 2015  

    Has the content analysis feature been permanently removed, or will it be re-enabled in a later version? While it was far from perfect, it was still quite helpful with our workflow.

  • By Mark McKinney - 3:31 PM on June 20, 2015  

    I updated to Premiere Pro CC 2015 (from 2014) today. When I get into my project, it will not let me play the Timeline. The spacebar and the play button do not even work. Essentially, I can’t do anything. I have worked with Premiere Pro for a long time and have never had anything like this occur. Everything else is fine (all the keyboard shortcuts, etc)….so it is not the keyboard. I’ve troubleshooted this for the past 24 hours and am on a tight deadline, but I cannot get my media to play!

    Also, is there a way that I can download CC 2014 again so I can open my project and work on it? I am not being offered that option, just the CS6 version.

    • By Mark McKinney - 8:54 AM on June 21, 2015  

      Any help with this would be much appreciated. I am a professional editor and absolutely love Premiere Pro, but this update has really thrown me for a loop!

    • By Meagan Keane - 1:47 PM on July 9, 2015  

      Hi Mark,

      I’m really sorry you’re running into problems but the best way for you to get support is not through blog comments – you can find great support through our Premiere Pro forums here:

  • By Michael Su - 11:16 AM on June 23, 2015  

    Use to be able to adjust .r3d source from the timeline in Premiere CC 2014. Where is this function in the new Premiere cc 2015?

    • By Al Mooney - 10:19 AM on July 28, 2015  

      Hi Michael, the Source Settings are now intrinsic Master Clip Effects. The keyboard shortcut for legacy Source Settings is now back in 9.0.1.


  • By Jonas - 6:07 AM on June 24, 2015  

    This is really great news! However; has anyone experienced any troubles with the OpenCL and external monitor (full screen playback) like in the 2014 version? (MacBook pro 15″ mid 2014). I could just update and test myself, but I’d rather not have two versions installed on my machine.

  • By David Medzorian - 12:17 PM on June 29, 2015  

    Just began using Premiere Pro CC 2015 after upgrading a few days ago. Using the Audio track Mixer to mix two tracks in a single camera project. After about seven or eight minutes I stopped and looked at the timeline and noticed that after four minutes, my adjustments were no longer there…and the track was a straight line. (in other words…no keyframes where I either raised or lowered a track volume level.) I tried the same thing three times and got the same response. I then started another project with different footage from a different drive and the same thing happened after only a few minutes. Is this a bug and should I return to CC 2014? Answer please. Thank you.

    • By Al Mooney - 10:45 AM on August 13, 2015  

      Hi – this should be fixed in the newest update -please let us know if you are still having issues.