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October 1, 2015 /Product Focus /

Premiere Pro CC and OS X El Capitan

We are aware of some issues users of Premiere Pro may experience after upgrading to OS X El Capitan. We are working hard to resolve these issues in an forthcoming release but currently recommend users remain on OS X 10.10.x.

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  • By James - 2:46 PM on October 1, 2015  

    Do you have any indication that you can give of when we should expect the forthcoming release?

    • By Al Mooney - 3:57 PM on October 1, 2015  

      Sorry, we can’t give a timeframe right now but we’re working hard on it.


  • By Roey - 3:23 PM on October 1, 2015  

    What can i do now?? i already upgraded in the middle of editing a project… any temp fix?? really need this to work ASAP

    • By Al Mooney - 3:57 PM on October 1, 2015  

      We just don’t recommend doing that – you should be able to continue working without major issues. In the future though I’d strongly suggest you wait until a project is complete before updating, and hold out on a brand new OS for a while in general.


    • By Sergio - 2:38 AM on October 2, 2015  

      Go to Project Settings, and switch Mercury playback engine to CUDA, or software only, in case it’s happening with OpenCL (as it is with me)

      • By @phil_wo - 8:11 AM on October 5, 2015  

        Yes, changing it from OpenCL fixed it for me!

      • By Dejvi - 7:22 AM on October 6, 2015  


      • By Eric - 1:44 PM on October 6, 2015  

        Hero x2! Was on the serious verge of a meltdown for a second there. Saved me from making taking some drastic measures!

      • By Gee mellow - 4:36 AM on October 11, 2015  

        Excellent Sergio!! thanks a million mate. Just solved my problem and were able to finish my project. Thanks again mate.

      • By Michael - 7:01 PM on October 13, 2015  

        Wow! Thanks so much! I was having the same issues but this fixed my problem!

      • By H_paris - 11:47 AM on October 14, 2015  

        You are my hero, thanks

    • By Webby - 5:42 AM on October 2, 2015  

      Number one rule with a gold, supercharged bullet is never update ANYTHING during a project. You can take all pieces of available cake for being (and with all due respect I say this) the biggest, most stupendously ridiculous bonehead imaginable.

      • By Taylor - 10:18 AM on October 2, 2015  


        So based on that logic I should never update ever? I’m always in the middle of a project…

        • By Jorge - 4:09 AM on October 3, 2015  

          I agree, that’s ridiculous. These days changes to older projects are often requested months after “completion”. In general as soon as the developer (Adobe) confirms that a program will work with a new OS, one should update, but not before that. Even Apple has warned of using FCPX with 10.11 at this point, it’s simply too early.

      • By Ronald - 2:53 PM on October 7, 2015  

        keep your OSX on the previous version for maximum stability. So, on an ideal world you’d update to El Capitan when the next version is released next year.

  • By Andrew - 4:50 PM on October 1, 2015  

    @Al – I concur with you about upgrading an OS of any sort. I waited about 3 weeks until I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and, so far, all the Adobe CC Apps are working fine … well, at least the ones I’m utilizing.

    Thanks for your info. and this Blog too Al. Helps us, the end users, that you acknowledge the issues we encounter and offer suggestions / remedies.

  • By Justin Liddell - 5:13 PM on October 1, 2015  

    Found a work around. When you open premiere pro cc, go to:

    file > project settings > general

    Under “Video Rendering & Playback” select renderer “Mercury Playback Engine Software Only”. Hit delete previews. Close and reopen premiere and you’re good to go until they release a fix to the El Capitan update.

  • By Mauricio - 11:54 AM on October 2, 2015  

    When this issue is going to be solve???

    • By Meagan Keane - 12:52 PM on October 2, 2015  

      The issue will be solved in the next major release – unfortunately we cannot give specific details about when that will be.

      • By Mauricio - 1:31 PM on October 2, 2015  

        Is going to be fix it in the next 72 hours?

        • By Adam - 2:25 AM on October 4, 2015  

          Mauricio, sorting out software glitches after OS updates isn’t something that happens normally within 72 hours. More likely it will take 4-6 weeks. Remember, never make major software updates in the middle of the project and you’ll avoid being the victim of these kinda issues…

  • By PamAnn - 9:30 AM on October 3, 2015  

    If you have a timemachine backup from before the update, restore your mac via timemachine and Yosemite will be running again. Saved me!

  • By Ann Risi - 9:57 PM on October 3, 2015  

    Having horrible issues since upgrading to El Cap. This includes yellow, red and blue pixel-like blocks and striped over frame when paused in Premiere and then those problems blanket the entire video after export. Is this what others have experienced as well? Video editing is my job, so I need this to be fixed ASAP.

    • By Al Mooney - 2:53 PM on October 5, 2015  

      Hi Ann

      Some users are reporting that these issues go away if you switch from OpenCL to software only rendering in your Project Settings.


  • By simone - 3:31 AM on October 5, 2015  

    Since I updated to El Capitan my Premiere Pro is showing red and yellow blocks…
    Help!! Is this going to be solved ?

    best, simone

    • By Al Mooney - 2:52 PM on October 5, 2015  

      Hey Simone, this is probably a known issue with OpenCL processing. Switching to Software Only as the Renderer in your Project Settings should help with this.


      • By André - 5:40 AM on October 6, 2015  

        HOORAH! This works for me, yellow-red-blue pixel goo now gone. Thanks Al!

      • By Jeff - 8:15 AM on October 6, 2015  

        Just to add to this, after changing the project settings, I had to export directly from Premiere for this to work. When I added it to the Render Queue and Media Encoder handled it, I got the same red and yellow blocks.

        • By Al Mooney - 10:59 AM on October 6, 2015  

          This is probably because Media Encoder had OpenCL turned on. This can be done in the Preferences or by using the drop-down menu at the bottom of the Queue.


      • By Corné - 10:42 AM on October 8, 2015  

        Thanks, works for me. I was really frustrated when I was working with the red/yellow blocks!

  • By Joe - 10:18 AM on October 7, 2015  

    I switched off the OpenCL. All video clips played fine but the timeline was black even after RAM preview. Once I undocked the Project Panel the preview came back from black. Just thought I would mention this.

  • By Deniz Arslan - 3:31 PM on October 9, 2015  

    Anyone knows about After Effects? After installing El Capitan the Video Playback in AE looks like the footage has 10 fps… Also tried to change CPU/GPU but did´t work… Is there any forum like that for AE? Somebody having same problems?
    thanks for help!

  • By Wayne Kirk - 2:05 PM on October 11, 2015  

    Unfortunately I naively upgraded to El Capitan a couple weeks ago. My issue is that I can no longer see video edits on my Timeline or the Program window. Only audio tracks are showing on the Timeline when I make an edit. If I drag a video from the Source Window into the Program Window or Timeline it shows it being dragged and once dropped or inserted only the audio track appears.
    I tried the work a rounds above to no avail. The “Mercury Playback Engine Software Only” was already set as thus and in fact it is greyed out and can not be changed. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

  • By Sergey - 5:23 AM on October 12, 2015  

    Interesting. On Macbook Pro after updating to el Capitan in system preferences I found a tab, called CUDA. opened it. Updated CUDA driver . Switched the project to CUDA rendering and everything works fine now!)

  • By Nick - 5:38 AM on October 15, 2015  

    I’m one of those who made the mistake of updating to El Capitan before reading the Adobe warning.

    When it arrives, will Premiere Pro CC 2015.1 be compatible with El Capitan?

    Adobe says the latest version of Creative Cloud is coming this Fall. But it’s now October 15th, still no word on a Fall release date?

    • By Al Mooney - 3:29 PM on October 22, 2015  

      Sorry Nick, i’m not at liberty to comment on release date, but we are working very hard to get all of products El Capitan compatible.