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October 18, 2010 /

Premiere Pro team on Twitter and Facebook (and blogs and forums, of course)

[See the related post about After Effects.]

The Premiere Pro team is using Twitter and Facebook to give and receive information about Premiere Pro.

The team Premiere Pro Twitter account goes by the name adobepremiere. Follow us.

Our Adobe Premiere Pro Facebook page has been active for a while now. Become a fan. Or friend. Or like us. Or whatever that’s called.

These are both team accounts, so you’ll be seeing things from me, from the product manager (Al Mooney), from the software engineers, from the quality engineers…

We still use our blogs as a way to communicate things that we don’t want evaporating into the ether, the way that things on Facebook and Twitter seem to do so quickly. But the Twitter and Facebook channels are great ways to keep up with a (somewhat) steady stream of news and views.

So, please subscribe to the “Premiere Pro work area” blog.

Kevin Monahan, the new documentation lead for After Effects and Premiere Pro has his own blog and Twitter handle (@kev_mon), too.

We also really appreciate feature requests and bug reports.

If you have technical questions or need some help, the best way to ask is through the Premiere Pro forum. Several video editing professionals help people on that forum. The Premiere Pro team monitors that forum, too, so we can help you to get an answer there. When asking such a question, please supply information about the version number of your software, some details about your computer, et cetera.