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June 13, 2011 /After Effects /

Press Pause Play

Right after NAB 2011 and launching CS 5.5, a few of us from Adobe flew from Vegas to the F5 conference in NYC to not talk about tech – but just watch what people actually created with it.  Was very cool overall. (although a couple presentations just didn’t do it for yours truly)

A few of them were absolutely amazing.  Watching the construction of a Rube Goldberg machine for OK Go, and some Dutch guys HONESTLY articulate how they do things (and hope to not get fired), were a couple of real highlights for me.

A real standout though was this swedish movie called ‘Press, Pause, Play’.  Very interesting take on the ramifications that tech has made media creation accessible to – ANYONE.  It’s cool, opportunistic, thought provoking and downright scary as hell for anyone whom has an interest in creating media.  Had a particular impact on me as I work on a small part of the tech that made this radical change in expression and communication possible.  I fall into the optimist category after watching it – but not everyone agrees with me.


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