Adobe Creative Cloud

Pushing the Boundaries of Conventional Design

Mitsuoka Motor Company, Ltd. is a small factory with big dreams of creating new classics. Noted for hand-building unusual cars with unconventional styling such as the Orochi sports car and the Himiko roadster, the automaker places a lot of emphasis on design. That’s one reason why the two-member marketing and advertising team uses tools and services in Adobe Creative Cloud for teams.

Mitsuoka Motor used to outsource the creation of promotional materials. Adobe creative apps allow the company to bring those jobs in house, which standardizes design, reduces costs, and improves efficiency. Using Adobe Creative Cloud, designs that took outside agencies more than a week to complete are now finished internally within three days.


Team members use Adobe Creative Cloud storage to share designs and collaborate more effectively, whether in or out of the office. New apps, such as Adobe Capture CC, also simplify creative efforts to promote new vehicles like the Viewt sedan.

“Rather than trying to draw the Viewt myself, it was far more efficient to use Adobe Capture CC to create an image that looked like a hand-drawn illustration,” says Rina Obe, Sales Support Team, Sales Division, Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd. “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC made removing background objects and adjusting colors easier than ever, so it took no time to make edits like removing power lines from the photograph.”


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