Adobe Creative Cloud

January 28, 2016 /

Quick note to those reaching out about industry rumors today…

We’ve had a few folks reach out to us today after reading rumors about layoffs at one of our competitors, and I wanted to share a quick note reassuring our users that Audition is in great shape.  We’re seeing great growth in active users, and customers are sharing some really exciting projects depending on Audition for their audio production and post-production needs.  Our product team is working on some fantastic new workflows and features, our research group is sharing some really innovative new ideas and approaches to audio analysis and production, and we’re still hearing daily how recent features like Remix are revolutionizing the way they work.  We’re also lining up some incredible speakers for NAB, professionals who couldn’t do the amazing work they do without Audition.  It’s looking to be a great year with some big surprises coming up!

Our condolences to any of our industry colleagues who may have received bad news today.  I hope you’re all commiserating over beers tonight, recuperate over the weekend, and have wonderful new opportunities come your way next week.