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radial rays project (parameterized for easy tweaking)

Someone asked on a forum recently how they could make radial rays in After Effects.

This is actually really easy using a single shape layer. You just make a polystar (the hybrid object that can be used for polygons or stars) with a huge inner radius and 0 outer radius. Then you can tweak the number of points to change the number of rays and change the outer roundness to change the thickness of the rays.


An additional hack is to set the stroke width to be pretty high, which gives the color to the rays that aren’t filled by the standard fill. (To make this work, I had reorder the stroke and fill to make the fill paint over the stroke.) You could also just use the stroke in the normal way and let an underlying solid-color layer or other shape provide the alternating rays’ color.

Click here to download the After Effects CS4 project file.

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