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November 2, 2016 /

Re-Imagined for Designers Who Code, the All-New Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Today at MAX, we are excited to announce the all-new Adobe Dreamweaver CC; a modern web design and development tool that has been re-imagined for designers who code.

On first launch, you will notice a guided onboarding experience crafted to get you started quickly.


With four new UI color themes to choose from, you pick the style for the way you work.


The streamlined modern UI makes every point of interaction more intuitive. Menus and panels have been optimized for better discovery with less clutter. The toolbar is now contextual and configurable, showing only what you need when designing and developing.


If you primarily code, you will love the new Developer Workspace. With the all-new Code Editor and coding engine you can work faster with large files and with over 50 different file types. Beginners new to coding will benefit from intelligent Code Hints, designed to make it easier to learn HTML, CSS, JS, and other web standards. Additionally, experienced developers will write more code while typing less with relative path hints in HTML, browser-enumerated color hints in CSS, real-time type inferencing in JS, type-along suggestions in PHP, real-time tag attributes in XML and so much more.


All designers will benefit from several new features. Spend less time switching between your HTML and CSS with Quick Edit.


See your changes appear instantly across browsers and devices with Real-time Preview.


Utilize time-saving shortcuts like Emmet and multiple cursors to write code faster.

Focus on your final project and worry less about remembering CSS properties with readily available Quick Docs reference material.


Write stylesheets for large applications with built-in CSS pre-processor support for Less, Sass, and SCSS.


Check out the release notes for even more of the features included in this release.

A year has passed since we announced the revamp of Dreamweaver at MAX 2015. It has been an incredible journey. Thank you to all of those who joined us in trying out the Dreamweaver Beta. Today marks the end of the Beta program. Your feedback guided us in building this modern web tool for you. We cannot wait for you to try it!

Try Dreamweaver CC!

A modern web design and development tool that has been re-imagined for designers who code.


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  • By leandro - 5:24 PM on November 2, 2016  

    me manda o tutorial simples de como fase esse site ai pra min criar aqui to veno aqui gostei e to a fim de aprender tem q testa criar um video tutorial ensi

  • By leandro - 5:25 PM on November 2, 2016  

    criar um video tutorial de como criar o site e me manda pra eu pode criar

  • By Gabriel - 9:42 AM on November 5, 2016  

    Just a more powerful Brackets

  • By Dan - 2:35 AM on November 6, 2016  

    Thank you for the effort.

    I would like to use all the Emmet commands, like “Merge Lines” and “Select Next Item”. Any suggestion on how to have them available?

    I had installed Emmet.zxp in Dreamweaver CC 2016 using ZXPInstaller but I cannot do it in Dreamweaver CC 2017.

  • By Aaron Neff - 1:02 PM on November 9, 2016  

    Hi Suhas,

    What happened to CFML support? Still planned for a future DW version?


  • By Arvid de Jong - 12:04 AM on November 12, 2016  

    The PHP color scheme is very bad in 2017 CC 🙁