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December 22, 2010 /Region of Interest /

recent Gareth Edwards work with Adobe software

We’ve recently been following the work of Gareth Edwards on the feature film Monsters, since we really like what he has been able to create using such a small crew and inexpensive hardware and software, including Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium.

We’re especially happy to see him win the British Independent Film Award (BIFA) for technical achievement for this work.

Gareth first came to my attention for his work on Attila the Hun in creating large battle scenes involving entire armies by using After Effects to composite together several copies of a small number of actors shot against a green screen.

Since then, I’ve been blown away by his compositing work on a smaller scale (though in the much larger context of a feature-length movie). The thing that impresses me most in Monsters isn’t the alien monsters themselves; it’s the way that Gareth has replaced a huge number of signs in his location shoots with digitally created signs that are appropriate to the story. After Effects and Photoshop have been used to create a fictional world that is so convincing that even someone looking for the seams can’t find them. This makes the movie seem so real that the story isn’t interrupted by any jarring moments where the audience is reminded that they’re watching an artificial construction.

Here are a few articles and videos about Gareth’s recent successes using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop in television and feature film work:

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