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volunteer to try a new rendering service for After Effects

We are seeking volunteers to try a new rendering service for After Effects. As a participant in this prerelease program, you will render your compositions using a rendering service and then tell us about your experience.

Click here to join the After Effects rendering service trial.

This trial is a private prerelease program. Everything in the prerelease program is confidential and may not be shared or discussed with anyone who is not part of the prerelease program.

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  • By Igor novoselov - 3:42 PM on February 25, 2016  

    Hello 🙂 my name is igor, i’m motion designer from russia.
    Want to try! Thank you

  • By Jake Hawkes - 7:46 AM on February 26, 2016  

    I am excited to see this service. I would really appreciate it if Adobe would put together a series of virtual machines that would allow users to:
    Upload a project from a previous version of Premier Pro and save it to the next.
    This process would need to be repeated through the versions to make a CS4 doc for example editable in CC 201x.

    It has been a real frustration and surprising to me that the only option is to suggest I load all these versions onto my pristine workstation just to get a project into the latest software.

    Please fix this, I believe the solution I outlined would take a couple dev’s 2 days to implement.