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request for feedback about a change to a keyboard shortcut in After Effects

[Please, respond to this request for feedback on this forum thread. Don’t respond in the comments on this blog.]

One of the top feature requests for After Effects is a keyboard shortcut for showing only properties with keyframes. The keyboard shortcut U shows all animated properties, which means properties with keyframes and/or expressions. There isn’t a shortcut for showing only properties with keyframes.

We’re working on improving this for a future version of After Effects, and we want your input. The After Effects keyboard is already very crowded, so we need to either find a keyboard shortcut that is not currently in use or reassign one. For reference, here’s the list of keyboard shortcuts that show properties in the Timeline panel.

One idea that we had is to change the U key to show only properties with keyframes, not properties with expressions but no keyframes. (You would still be able to show properties with expressions by pressing EE.)

Another idea that we had is to expand the use of the U key to three levels:

  • U: Show properties with keyframes (new behavior).
  • UU: Show properties with keyframes and/or expressions (currently assigned to U).
  • UUU: Show all modified properties (currently assigned to UU).

The problem with either of these approaches is that they change how an existing feature in After Effects works, which means you may need to retrain yourself on how to use the keyboard shortcuts. It also will make some training materials and tutorials obsolete.

Please tell us what you think on this forum thread (not in the comments on this blog post). Do you like either of these ideas? Is there another keyboard shortcut that you want it to use? A single key or a key with modifiers? (ie., Shift, Control/Command, Opt/Alt)

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