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Ring in the New Year with our Favorite Moments of 2011

What an exciting year it has been! We wanted to share some of our favorite happenings in 2011 with a countdown of sorts, and highlight our top 11 of ‘11.  Stay tuned here because we’ll be posting our favorite moments from the year leading up to New Year’s Eve. And, if you think 2011 was exciting, just wait until you see what we have in store for 2012! From the whole team at Adobe, have a happy new year!

Favorite Moments of 2011


1. Launch of CS5.5

Kicking our list off would have to be the launch of Creative Suite 5.5. We were so excited to announce new features like After Effects’ Warp Stabilizer, Dreamweaver’s jQuery mobile framework integration, Digital Publishing Suite integration within InDesign and much more. Check out our special Ask a CS Evangelist session we held back in April to hear from our Creative Suite Evangelists!

2. Ask a CS Pro

Speaking of Ask a CS Pro, we had the pleasure of hosting a number of awesome sessions this year including a few top favorites chosen by our users:


3. Keep It Fresh

Not only do we love interacting with our Fans and Followers on the Web, we love seeing their work. Announcing our Keep It Fresh Facebook app allowed Creative Suite users to share their work and inspirations with each other.


4. Fans and Followers Milestones

Of course, one of our favorite moments of 2011 would have to be chatting with all our Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers! This past year, we were honored to reach 100K Fans on Facebook and 55K Followers on Twitter.



5. Facebook Post: What’s your #1 secret to staying creative?

Over this past year, we’ve had tons of conversations with our Facebook Fans. Think you know which post was number 1 on our Wall? Well, when we asked ‘What’s your #1 secret to staying creative?”, all our Fans had no problem divulging their secrets! Check out their answers here.


6. Facebook Post: We love our Creative Suite Fans! Here’s just one of the reasons why: Happy Halloween!



7. Facebook Post: As if you didn’t already have enough vertical lines today (11/11/11), we’ve decided to give you just a few more. Sit down, cross your eyes and shake your head and tell us what other image you see…



8. Creative Suite Spotlight: Tad Carpenter

It’s always exciting to find out how creative professionals are staying inspired and using our products. This year, we featured our first of many Creative Suite Spotlights to come. Get to know the first – Tad Carpenter.


9. Creative Layer Launch

Because we love featuring inspiring work and content, we launched the very blog you’re reading – just this year! Just a few months ago at Adobe MAX, we announced Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Touch Apps, which kicked off the first of many blog posts. Looking forward to sharing more with you in 2012!


10. Adobe Touch Apps

Again, we were so proud to announce the Adobe Touch Apps and Android availability on our blog this year. Already, we are seeing great work created with these apps and Creative Suite. Check out their Facebook Page for more and get ready for the iOS availability in 2012!


11. Adobe Creative Cloud

In addition to announcing Adobe Touch Apps, we introduced Adobe Creative Cloud. There’s more to come in 2012, but for now check out the video below to find out how Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to desktop and tablet applications, creative services, and the ability to collaborate with each other. Stay up to date on Adobe Creative Cloud developments here and on their Facebook Page.

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