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February 20, 2015 /Customer Success /

Rockstar energizes its brand with dynamic videos

In-house video team brings fans closer to the action than ever using Adobe Creative Cloud

From athletes to rock stars, Rockstar Energy Drink is made for people who live active lifestyles. Available in more than 30 countries, Rockstar has sold billions of cans worldwide. Like its name suggests, Rockstar is a brand built on excitement and action, and the company reaches its audience by sponsoring a wide range of sports and music events all over the globe. Rockstar’s video team delivers intense videos that capture the thrill of speeding around the BMX track or hurtling down snow-covered peaks.

Travis Valtierra on Switching to Premiere Pro: 

The events that Rockstar covers are dynamic and fast-paced, and that’s what the company needs from its video production team. “We were using Final Cut Pro for a while, but we wanted a workflow with better flexibility and speed,” says media producer Travis Valtierra. “We were already using Adobe After Effects, so it made sense to check out Adobe Premiere Pro.”

Adobe Premiere Pro CC was just what the Rockstar team needed. Rockstar shoots with a wide range of cameras to show events in their best light—anything from high-definition RED cameras to on-the-move GoPro footage. With Adobe Premiere Pro, the Rockstar team can start working with any type of footage just by dropping it onto the timeline. “Premiere Pro makes it easy to import content and start editing right away,” says Valtierra. “It takes away all of that time that we previously spent waiting for files to transcode.”

Based on the excellent performance of Premiere Pro, Rockstar switched to an all Adobe workflow through Adobe Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud keeps everyone working on the same versions of software so that people can share sequences and quickly import clips into other projects. Having all of the Adobe creative tools at their fingertips enables the video team to do more, such as using Adobe Audition to clean audio in-house or Media Encoder to quickly create YouTube videos. Access to the latest updates keeps Rockstar working fast, with new and improved features like Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro delivering better video results in less time.

“We’re always working on the go, chasing after exciting stories around the world,” says Valtierra. “Adobe Creative Cloud gives us the flexibility to sign in on laptops and work wherever athletes and artists take us.”

Rockstar also takes full advantage of the integration between Adobe software to tighten collaboration. The video team imports Adobe Illustrator files from art designers straight into After Effects to create animations or add brand logos to videos. Adding special effects, lower thirds, or color correction is also a snap, with the ability to open clips in After Effects or SpeedGrade directly from the Premiere Pro timeline.

“We never have to worry about rendering or exporting clips back into Premiere Pro,” adds Valtierra. “That makes our workflow so much smoother. I can open a clip in After Effects, change a logo, and switch right back to Premiere Pro to continue editing. Any changes I make are updated instantly, so I can make adjustments as many times as I want without wasting time.”

Working with Creative Cloud, the Rockstar video team edits video with speed and energy that rivals that of the subjects in front of their cameras. “Looking back, I don’t know how we put up with hours of transcoding,” says Valtierra. “Adobe Premiere Pro CC and the other applications in Adobe Creative Cloud have given us a full-performance workflow that we need to deliver the up-close-and-personal videos that fans expect from Rockstar.”

Danny McGinnis Works Faster with After Effects & Premiere Pro:

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