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January 19, 2009 /Audition /

Roger McGuinn Interview on AdobeTV

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Roger McGuinn, the legendary singer/songwriter and founder of The Byrds, who continues to be a vital voice in the music world today. We talked about how he’s used Audition in his solo career, including the critically acclaimed Folk Den project where he posts a traditional folk song on-line every month. He’s been an Audition fan since the Cool Edit Pro days and he uses it for every part of the recording process from laying down basic tracks, recording overdubs, mixing, mastering and CD creation. You can view highlights of my conversation with Roger on AdobeTV.

Many thanks to Roger and his wife Camilla for allowing me (and a small film crew) to come into their home and have this conversation about music and technology. We filmed the interview in Roger’s den, which is where he keeps all his computer hardware and a wide variety of electric and acoustic guitars that he has mounted on the walls. There was also a lot of other great memorabilia, which we captured in the video as well.

One thing we didn’t show in the video was Roger’s collection of vintage transistor radios. Roger was inspired to create music back in the ‘50s when he first heard Elvis on a transistor radio. In many ways, the transistor radio was the iPod of the 50’s and 60’s. And while recording and playback technology have come a long way since then, great songs can inspire us no matter what medium we use to hear them. Thanks Roger for continuing to inspire us with your music.