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February 11, 2009 /Region of Interest /

RSS feed for comments on After Effects Help

As you (I hope) already know, anyone can add comments to After Effects CS4 Help on the Web.

What you might not know is that you can subscribe to a feed for these comments.

Click here to add the feed to Google Reader.

If you use another feed reader, then here’s the URL that you can add manually through your RSS reader’s interface:

Please read my earlier post in which I plead with people to add comments.

Seriously, folks, we want you to use the comments to show off, to advertise your materials, to promote yourself… as long as your doing so helps the After Effects user. If you wrote a tutorial about After Effects, point to it. If you watched someone else’s video tutorial about After Effects and thought that it was good, point to it. If you think that you can explain something better than we (I) can or did, then add a comment and show the world how knowledgeable you are.

And don’t think that you can only point to brand new information created for After Effects CS4. As we all know, most of the fundamental features of an application don’t change from one version to the next. So tutorials and examples that were good for After Effects CS3 (or even After Effects 7.0) are probably still good for After Effects CS4. So go ahead and point to older material if it’s still valid and good.

(BTW, if you ever want to know how to map instructions from After Effects CS3 to After Effects CS4, see the ” User interface changes from After Effects CS3 to After Effects CS4 “ page of After Effects Help on the Web. That’s why we made this page.)

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