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free sample chapters and videos from An Editor’s Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro

Peachpit Press recently released An Editor’s Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro, by Robbie Carman, Jeff Greenberg, and Richard Harrington.

This book is an excellent resource for experienced editors to learn Adobe Premiere Pro. It begins from an assumption that you already know about video editing in general and only need to learn the details of the features and workflows specific to Adobe Premiere Pro and its companion applications. (I’m quite sure that I’d have the same very high regard for this book even if I hadn’t been its technical editor.)

You don’t need to take my word for it, though. The fine folks at Peachpit Press have made four chapters available as free samples: three as PDF documents and one as an HTML document.

The book also contains a DVD with approximately 5 hours of video lessons. We’ve put a few of the videos on Adobe TV so that you can check them out:

There are many other useful resources for learning Premiere Pro, both for the experienced editor and for the beginner.

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