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September 28, 2009 /Region of Interest /

scripts from Christopher Green (CRG)

In case you haven’t done so already, I recommend that you check out Christopher Green’s website, where he provides several very useful (and some merely interesting) scripts.

Here’s a list of his scripts that I find especially useful:

  • Connect_Vertex_to_Point: Link a mask vertex to any two-dimensional point (such as a Position property or effect control point) to animate individual mask points independently of one another.
  • Queue_Comp_Sections: Use multiple guide layers to designate multiple time spans to be rendered and exported separately through the render queue. As Chris puts it, “This is sort of like having multiple work area settings for a composition.”
  • Project_Items_Renamer and Selected_Layers_Renamer: Rename compositions and footage items selected in the Project panel or layers selected in the Timeline panel. You can search and replace text in the names, append characters to the beginning or end of the names, or trim a specified number of characters from the beginning or end of the names. The layer renamer also allows you to replace the names with a series of numbers.
  • Selected_Comps_Changer: Change the composition settings for multiple compositions selected in the Project panel.
  • crg_Text_from_File: Create one or multiple text layers based on the contents of a text file. You can either create one text layer from all of the text, or you can create one layer for each line in the text file. The script also provides options for leading and other spacing.

There are many more scripts on his site; the ones above are just the ones that I have found especially useful.

Oh, and there’s a Donate button on his site. I can confirm that it works. I’m just sayin’.

If you want to find even more useful scripts, check out the “Where to find additional useful scripts” section of After Effects Help, where Chris is now listed alongside such creators of useful scripts as Dan Ebberts, Jeff Almasol, Paul Tuersley, Mathias Möhl, Charles Bordenave (nab), and Lloyd Alvarez.

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