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See What’s Coming Next in Adobe After Effects CC

This week, we’re revealing what’s coming soon in the next major update to After Effects CC.

Enhanced video and audio playback: Our upcoming release is focused on improving core elements of the application that users touch every day. We’ve made lots of changes under the hood, most notably new video and audio preview architecture that delivers real-time playback of cached frames with synced audio. The new architecture shares its foundation with other Adobe video applications for a more consistent experience across Creative Cloud.

Performance and quality improvements: The next version of After Effects CC is faster and more reliable from file import and project load through to final render. Scrubbing the timeline, working with complex masks, and editing large numbers of keyframes is now more fluid, thanks to accelerated interface interactions.

GPU-accelerated effects: We are GPU-accelerating some of our most commonly used effects, including Lumetri Color and Gaussian Blur. Make changes and see results instantly: testers have reported up to 5x speed increases with accelerated effects. Lumetri Color has also been updated across both After Effects and Premiere Pro CC for an enhanced color grading workflow, including HSL Secondaries and new Looks presets.

Improved MAXON Cinema 4D exporter: Export animated 3D text and shape layers to Cinema 4D for a roundtrip Live 3D motion graphics workflow. Customize your exported elements in Cinema 4D (Cinema 4D Lite is included with After Effects), save your changes, and see them update live in After Effects via CINEWARE.

Faster image sequence import: Image sequences now import up to ten times faster. The speed increase is especially noticeable when importing from shared network storage. Some of these changes were introduced in the recent 13.7.1 patch; our spring release includes further improvements. Apologies to those of you who used large image sequence imports from shared storage as an excuse to go get a cup of coffee.

Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Libraries: Filter searches for Adobe Stock and Libraries content to find what you need faster. Add Adobe Stock assets to your project — including 4K video — and then license them directly within After Effects. Licensed Adobe Stock assets in your library are now badged for easy identification. Videos in your library are displayed with duration and format information and have links to video previews.

Adobe Character Animator: Preview 4 includes a new visual tagging panel for faster puppet rigging. New Motion Trigger behavior enables your character to respond to directional mouse or touch input. Use Character Animator in a live production environment with Syphon support on Mac OS X, or record your performance and export to video via Dynamic Link to Adobe Media Encoder.

Learn more about enhancements coming to Adobe Creative Cloud pro video and audio tools. And join us at NAB Show 2016 – Booth: SL-SL3910 –  April 18-21 to see demonstrations of these features in action.

Because this is a sneak peek, you won’t have access to these new features quite yet. Become a Creative Cloud member now to be sure you can get them as soon as they’re available. For more information about Creative Cloud, see this overview video and the Creative Cloud FAQ list.


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  • By Jan - 7:44 AM on April 13, 2016  

    real-time playback of cached frames with synced audio 😀 It used to worked till version 2015, so I’m glad if you fix it. That’s the reason why I stayed in 2014 version.

  • By Dan marker - 9:08 AM on April 13, 2016  

    I love the new Lumetri … looking forward to the sync issue being resolved 🙂 fingers crossed

    • By dan marker - 9:25 AM on April 13, 2016  

      …and i really hope you have improved the super slow Auto-Save and made it a BACKGROUND process 🙂 At the rate AE crashes auto-save is important but with how long it takes to auto-save large files like ones with Warp Stabilizer I can’t use auto-save.

  • By David - 10:12 PM on April 13, 2016  

    Hope they fixed the issue where it didn’t play synch audio for the first 2 seconds even after rendering. Always have to wait for it to loop around before I can watch those first seconds.

    • By s - 3:10 AM on April 14, 2016  

      That’s already fixed IMO.

  • By Ricardo - 6:27 PM on April 14, 2016  

    Tell me there will be multiprocessing support again, or am I staying on CC 2014?

    • By Derek - 4:48 AM on April 18, 2016  

      This is the question I need answered prior to moving my company’s computers onto AE 2015. So far it’s been rather disappointing. Especially without multiprocessing.

    • By Trevor - 3:50 PM on May 2, 2016  


  • By Stefan - 1:15 PM on April 16, 2016  

    … hard to believe!

  • By Jin - 9:27 AM on April 18, 2016  

    A better, less confusing graph editor should be a top priority. Would be nice to just select animated attribute(s), hit a key and it pops open a non modal window of the graph instead of embedding it in an already crowded timeline. And selected attributes determine what gets populated in graph editor but from there, you can work on individual channels without fear that other attributes will depopulate which wont happen until graph editor closed. And just use selection as method of populating. Current method is unnecessarily convoluted.

    • By Mpowers - 8:01 PM on April 18, 2016  

      <—strongly agreed