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April 18, 2010 /Region of Interest /

Send feedback about After Effects

[This post gives instructions for how to send feedback about After Effects. Don’t send your feedback about After Effects by adding comments to this blog post.]

One of my favorite little features added in After Effects CS5 is a tiny one that has big implications. There’s now a Help > Send Feedback menu command that directly opens the bug-report/feature-request form.

Now it’s even easier for everyone to communicate with the After Effects team. We want that feedback, since our goal is to make software that our customers (you) want.

On that note, please read this post about bug reports, feature requests, crash reports, and other ways to communicate about After Effects. That post lays out the various channels that we provide for questions, feedback, et cetera. It really helps us and you when you use the right channel for each kind of communication.

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