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Sending your Premiere Clip project to Premiere Pro

Along with exciting updates like Optical Flow time remapping, touch & gesture-based editing, and HDR workflows, the new version of Premiere Pro CC brings a new way to import projects you’ve started on-the-go in Premiere Clip.CC-Sync-Preferences

First things first: If you want to level up to Premiere Pro, you’ll need to make sure you have Premiere Pro CC installed on your computer.

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You’ll also want to make sure that you have file syncing turned on for Creative Cloud, so that the projects you start in Clip show up in your computer’s Creative Cloud directory. You can make sure this is working by clicking on the Creative Cloud icon on your computer’s menu bar, then navigating to Preferences.


Ok, here we go. In Premiere Clip, tap the Sharing Options icon and then choose Send to Premiere Pro.

Note: The screenshots in this tutorial show Premiere Clip on an iPad. The user interface may vary slightly between iPhone, iPad, and Android phones.


This creates a folder in your Creative Cloud directory for this project with all of the media, edits, soundtracks, and Looks you applied in Clip. And, if you have Sync to Music turned on in Premiere Clip, all of the beat markers will be sent to Premiere Pro so you can continue cutting to the beat like a pro!



Now, launch Premiere Pro. From the main menu, choose File > Convert Premiere Clip Project. 



You will be dropped into your AdobePremiereClipExport folder in your Creative Cloud files directory. Select the project that you want to open, then double click on the .XML file to open it up.



And voilà! You are ready to continue refining your project.



There are a lot of exciting things you can do by stepping up to the full power of Adobe Premiere Pro. Take advantage of innovative and time-saving features like Morph Cut, the intuitive color workflows of the Lumetri Color panel, and ability to dynamically link with After Effects and Audition.

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