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January 4, 2014 /Tutorial /

Setting up Tangent Element panels in SpeedGrade CC

SpeedGrade CC added support for the popular Tangent Element grading panel series (SpeedGrade already supported the Tangent CP200 grading panel series and the all-in-one Tangent Wave panel). The SpeedGrade color tools and functions are mapped to different controls in the hardware providing a more tactile and immediate grading experience.

We’re really proud of our Tangent Element implementation. We did all the mapping ourselves so the panels can really take full advantage of everything SpeedGrade has to offer. It doesn’t take long to get used to working on a grading panel and if you need to deliver lots of work quickly, grading panels are the way to go.

The Tangent Element control panel series

The Tangent Element control panel series

This post explains how to set up Tangent Element panels to work with SpeedGrade CC.

1. Install Tangent Hub
Download and install Tangent Hub installer from Tangent support site

2. Connect the panels
Plug in the Element panels using your USB connections. You can use any combination of the Tk, Mf, Kb, and Bt for your setup. Confirm the connection by making sure they show up in Tangent Hub Synapse software.

  • Close Tangent Hub Software (Synapse)
  • Launch SpeedGrade CC

Your Tangent Elements should be ready to use.

 Note: It’s important to close Tangent Hub software before opening SpeedGrade. If you leave Tangent Hub application open, the panels will be controlled by it and it won’t connect to SpeedGrade. If in doubt, you can see which application is controlling the Elements on the panel LED displays.

Since the connection is managed by the Tangent Hub. There are no additional settings required in SpeedGrade. However you can control the slider sensitivity settings within SpeedGrade (go to Settings > Tangent).

Note: The high-end Tangent CP 200 panels are also supported by SpeedGrade and require manual IP setup in the Tangent Hub software

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