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shooting and editing HD video from DSLR cameras with Premiere Pro

Jason Levine has a series of video tutorials on Adobe TV that show how to shoot and edit HD video from DSLR cameras using Premiere Pro and other applications in Creative Suite Production Premium. These videos are aimed at photographers and other folks who are somewhat new to video editing, so this series serves as a pretty good overview of Premiere Pro in general.

These videos are collected on this page, which will accumulate more videos as Jason and others create new videos in this series.

(You can find even more information about DSLR/HDSLR video workflows using Premiere Pro using this Premiere Pro Community Help search.)

Jason’s videos are a whirlwind tour, covering a lot of material very quickly. I figured that some viewers might need links to additional information to fully understand everything that Jason was trying to communicate.

Here’s a rough breakdown of the subjects covered in each video, with some links to additional resources on each subject.

part 1: importing and setting up

part 2: basic editing

part 3: animation and markers

part 4: integration with Photoshop and working with text

part 5: exporting

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