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November 21, 2012 /

Shooting scripts, made simple

Those of us in the US are starting to think about Thanksgiving, which makes me think about holiday movies, which makes me think abut shooting scripts. Sad but true.

Story Plus is unique in the market in that it combines screenwriting tools with advanced production scheduling. One aspect of this workflow that most people I talk to don’t seem to know about is the fact that you can use Story to very easily create detailed shooting scripts. You can add camera shots to a script using both Story Free and Story Plus, but the feature’s real power is unlocked in Story Plus, where you can create schedules and reports that capture and communicate the shot lists to everyone on the set.

Here’s the workflow in a nutshell: in the script, you can right-click anywhere and add a camera shot. Over and over and over. And for each camera shot, you can add quite a bit of detail, including which camera, the camera’s position, and any notes about camera movements or framing. Here’s what this looks like—I’m using one of our TV templates here, which are designed to accommodate camera shots in the layout—if you use the Film template, your script will get reformatted to make room for these new elements—fair warning!

Once you’re done adding shots, you can see a scene-by-scene list in the Scene Properties panel. Find them visually distracting? Choose View > Camera Shots to turn them off (or on). Don’t want them numbered? Choose View > Numbering > Shots, and make sure the option is unchecked. You can also turn Camera Tops & Tails on and off using the View menu, so on any given page you can see what the previous and upcoming shots are—very handy for shooting scripts.

 There’s much more to say on this topic, but let me point you to a new video on the topic until we return….

As a reminder, Story Plus is available as part of every full Adobe Creative Cloud membership (which you can subscribe to for a limited time for just $29.99USD/month and get access to ALL of Adobe’s creative tools), or you can subscribe to Adobe Story Plus (for $180USD/year or $24.99USD/month). If you’re using Story Free (which has all of the core tools you need to write scripts and screenplays), you can create three schedules—which should be enough to whet your appetite. You can always sign into Adobe Story (or create a new free account if you don’t already have one) by navigating to