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April 1, 2014 /

Sneak Peek: Upcoming new features in Adobe Audition CC!

The next major update of Adobe Audition CC is almost ready and on its way to a computer near you! I’d like to share what’s new with this release!  Read below, or view the sneak peak video on Adobe TV!

One of our primary themes with this release has been improving Multichannel audio workflows and to this extent, we’re excited to unveil native import and export of Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio files! No need for expensive plug-ins or additional licensing hoops, these multichannel transfer and delivery formats are as easy as opening an MP3. Dolby Digital (AC-3) supports up to 5.1 channels at 48KHz, and is the standard for multichannel DVD audio and broadcast television. Our implementation of Dolby Digital Plus supports up to 7.1 channels at 24-bit, for Blu-Ray and other distribution formats. Deep parameterization options enable advanced users to fine-tune the characteristics of their Dolby exports.

Dolby Digital Export Options Dialog

Dolby Digital Export Options Dialog

To support this workflow, users now have the ability to customize new audio files with custom channel configurations for new audio files. Previously, users were limited to mono, stereo, or 5.1 options when creating a new, empty audio file, unless they resorted to sneaky workarounds. Now, easily create custom channelizations, up to 32 unique channels, with industry-standard channel label options. As all Audition effects are channel-agnostic, you can easily generate sounds or apply effects to your entire file or selected channels.

Custom Channelization for New Audio Files

Custom Channelization for New Audio Files

Speaking of making things simpler, the Multitrack editor now includes many new features designed to improve organization of session contents, improve visibility, reduce strain, and minimize distractions when working with large sessions. While our last release introduced Track Colors, the application still selected the default color for all new tracks and clips. Our latest release introduces randomization of track colors for new or generated tracks. Content is now visually distinct from other clips by default, guiding users to use color as an ally in timeline organization. Track colors are also now visible as thumbnails in the vertical navigation bar making it easy to scroll or right-click-and-drag to zoom to specific tracks or regions of your timeline, mirroring much of the interactive behavior long available in the upper horizontal navbar.

Organize sessions by color and minimize unimportant tracks

Organize sessions by color, with improved visibility of assets, and minimize unimportant tracks.

Clip and selected track visibility has also been improved through the use of high-contrast backgrounds to give clip waveforms some pop! and make the active track readily apparent, even at a glance. Perhaps most exciting, and requested in many different forms by users, is the ability to minimize tracks to reduce distractions and unnecessary fiddling when zooming in and out of clips. A single-click on a track icon will reduce the track to its minimum height, and keep it locked there no matter how much you might zoom in and out.

Finally, in response to some popular requests from user feedback, we’ve implemented a few odds & ends. Most notably, the “trailing space” at the end of a multitrack session has been improved to be more intelligent. In the past, Audition maintained a strict 10% of the content duration as trailing space – a region which has proven extremely valuable in testing to make it easy to append content to a session, shuffle clips around, and navigate without changing the current view. Now this space is calculated on an intelligent, logarthmic scale ensuring sessions never have several minutes of “nothing” at the end of their timeline. Additionally, while tools existed to Razor All Clips at a particular location, we heard this was not as accurate as scrubbing the playhead to the desired location. A new command, Split All Clips at Playhead, now enables users to work more audibly, using their ears or the meters as a guide.

Look for sneak peek videos on Adobe TV, or come visit the Adobe booth at NAB and we’ll be happy to demo the new release in-person!  Or join us on April 10th for a special online event to see all these new features in action:

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  • By Donovan - 10:08 AM on April 3, 2014  

    The Dolby Digital file format looks very exciting. I would like to know once you’ve mixed down your tracks into the Dolby Digital format can Adobe Audition burn this to CD or DVD and then play it back on my DVD or BluRay player. I’m just talking audio without video.
    Regards, Donovan