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April 16, 2010 /Soundbooth /

Soundbooth CS5: Improved Multitrack Workflows and Expanded Content Library Will Upgrade Your Sound Palette

We’ve been demonstrating Soundbooth CS5 at the Adobe booth at NAB this week. We showed the new multitrack workflows and additional royalty-free sound effects and scores that are available in CS5 for enhancing your video and Flash projects.

We first introduced support for multitrack projects in Soundbooth CS4. With Soundbooth CS5 the enhanced multitrack enables you to easily work with large multitrack projects. Additional workflow enhancements include the ability to split and copy clips.

For any videographers or Flash developers looking for royalty-free content Soundbooth CS5 is a must have upgrade. We’ve tripled our on-line sound effects library to 10,000 (up from 3,000 in CS4). This gives you a much wider range of sounds to add to your projects using the Resource Central panel in Soundbooth CS5. We’ve also more than doubled our customizable score library from 50 in CS4 to 130 in CS5. This includes a range of musical genres plus natural sound environments, all of which can be customized to fit the mood and length of your project.

In previous releases of Soundbooth we had two categories of scores — a set of free scores and a set of scores bundles that could be purchased. Now in CS5 the scores from those bundles are available for free along with some brand new ones. So for the $99 (US) upgrade price to Soundbooth CS5 you’ll get over $700 worth of royalty-free content.

The workflow for adding sound effects and scores to your multitrack projects has also been improved. Now you simply drag and drop any sound effect or score from our on-line Resource Central library directly onto your timeline just like you would any asset from the files panel.

With better multitrack workflows, an expanded royalty-free content library and Soundbooth’s task-based restoration and audio sweetening tools you’ll be ready to quickly make any video or Flash project look and sound great. For more information on Soundbooth CS5 or to pre-order please visit

Soundbooth CS5 will also be included in Production Premium and Master Collection CS5.
It’s expected to ship in mid-May. In the meantime, checkout the demo Jason Levine gave at NAB last week on Adobe TV.