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April 30, 2010 /Soundbooth /

Soundbooth CS5 is Now Shipping

The latest version of Soundbooth is available now on The full price is $199 (US) and the upgrade is $99 (US) and is available to anyone who purchased a previous version of Soundbooth (CS3 or CS4).

Checkout my previous blog post for details on what’s new in Soundbooth CS5.


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  • By anonymous - 8:03 AM on May 3, 2010  

    Any news on Audition 4? Audition is the BEST audio editors out there still for Windows with several “hidden” loyal customers so I hope Adobe does not ever discontinue it. It’s been far too long since Audition 3.0 in 2007. I will sue Adobe if they discontinue Audition. 🙂

  • By Lawson Hancock - 1:30 PM on May 3, 2010  

    We are currently working on the next release of Audition. However, I can’t share any specifics at this time. Please stay tuned…-Lawson

  • By Eddy Robinson - 11:57 PM on May 7, 2010  

    Still no multitrack import :-(I had hoped for improvements to audio workflow with CS5. But Premiere can’t export to the ASND format, nor can Soundbooth read .ses or .xml files from Audition, nor AAF or OMF files from Premiere.There is no way to get an audio timeline from Premiere into either of Adobe’s audio editing applications – by timeline I mean the sequence of audio clips. Obviously, one could export a stereo audio mix from Premiere and import the audio in audition or Soundbooth…but that rather defeats the purpose of having an audio editing program to begin with. Although Premiere’s own audio facilities are very good, there are times when it’s better to go to a dedicated package, just like one does with After Effects.

  • By Daniel Courville - 11:53 AM on June 3, 2010  

    From we read: “Automatic restoration of clipped audio. Remove the harsh artifacts of clipped audio.”I have SB CS5 in front of me and I cannot find that function. There was such a function in Cool Edit Pro and I guess it’s also available in Audition. Is it really there in SB?

  • By Shawn Deyell - 11:09 AM on June 7, 2010  

    Hi Daniel,Thanks for the catch. That bled over from an Audition feature page and we’ve corrected it today. Automatic restoration of clipped audio is currently only a feature of Audition, not Soundbooth.

  • By Daniel Courville - 7:07 AM on June 8, 2010  

    Well then hopefully that “Audition on a Mac” YouTube video is a sign of things to come…