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October 31, 2013 /Announcements /

SpeedGrade CC (7.1) Update

Today, the Adobe SpeedGrade CC (7.1) update was released. This new version includes Direct Link integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC (7.1).

If you are checking for updates in the Creative Cloud desktop application, and the updates don’t appear, restarting the application can force it to check for recent updates. In general, updates will appear in the Creative Cloud desktop application within 24 hours of being made available.

Ideally, you should install the updates automatically as described above, but you can also directly download the update packages from the download page for Windows or Mac OS.

If you have difficulty with this update, please bring questions and issues to the SpeedGrade forum. Don’t ask questions in the comments on this blog post, which fewer people will see.


  • Direct Link integration with Adobe Premiere Pro for smooth round tripping between editing and grading
  • New Adobe Premiere Pro timeline for projects opened via Direct Link
  • Support for multiple masks within a single .look (grading layer stack) for faster workflows and easier copying of complex looks.
  • Linked mask layers within grading layer stack for greater control and precision
  • Support for all file formats supported in Premiere Pro via Direct Link workflow (see Known Issues below for formats currently not supported)
  • New welcome screen provides option to open an existing Premiere Pro project or start a native SpeedGrade project
  • Selected SpeedLooks now included with SpeedGrade. These include camera patches for matching various high end cameras create a common starting point for grading and SpeedLooks for adding a cinematic look.


  • UI would freeze after selecting a look and immediately switching to the Mask tab
  • Exporting a .Look from the Look Manager led to crashes
  • Crash when closing SpeedGrade while in full screen cinema mode
  • Various other fixes


  • Sony RAW formats currently do not work with Direct Link
  • Using XDCAM media on Windows with NVIDIA CUDA acceleration can lead to slow performance or stalling the application in Direct Link mode
  • Using Canon C300 media on Windows with NVIDIA CUDA acceleration can lead to slow performance or stalling the application on Windows in Direct Link mode
  • OpenEXR files do not current work with Direct Link
  • SpeedGrade crashes on startup if the NeatVideo plugin for OS X is installed (workaround: disable NeatVideo plugin before using Direct Link to SpeedGrade)
  • Copying a grade with a mask using the numpad feature can lead to crashes
  • Keyframes on a clip are shifted in Direct Link mode if the in-point is changed in Premiere Pro
  • Mask placement in Direct Link shows offsets when the source media resolution is different from the sequence resolution
  • Direct Link doesn’t work if SpeedGrade is not installed in the default directory
  • .Look preview doesn’t show masks in the monitor
  • Scopes sometimes don’t update (workaround: move playhead by one frame using the arrow keys forces scopes to update)
  • FXFactory plugins in Premiere Pro will cause SpeedGrade to crash. Fix by upgrading to FXFactory v 4.1.1

If you experience performance issues with your setup, please report them here.


  • GPU support for Direct Link is currently available for Windows running nVidia cards
  • GPU support for native SpeedGrade projects and timelines is available on Mac OS and Windows




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