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March 31, 2014 /Software update /

SpeedGrade CC (7.2.1) Update

The SpeedGrade CC (7.2.1) update will be released today. This update focuses on bug fixes for the Direct Link workflow and extends GPU support and GPU user setting options.

SpeedGrade CC (7.2.1) will be available for download via the Creative Cloud desktop application.

As a rule, updates appear in the Creative Cloud desktop application within 24 hours of being made available. If you are checking for updates in the Creative Cloud desktop application, and they don’t appear, restarting the application can force it to check for recent updates.

You can also download the SpeedGrade CC (7.2.1) update packages directly for Mac OS or Windows.

If you have any issues with this release, please bring questions to the SpeedGrade forum.

SpeedGrade CC (7.2.1) Release Notes


  • Crash on start-up with multiple GPU has been fixed for Mac OS and Windows. Win+Mac)
  • Occasional issue with corrupted image in Direct Link has been fixed


  • Direct Link setting to allows user to select Mercury Playback GPU-based rendering, or software-based rendering. The provides and easy workaround for unsupported, or incorrectly working graphics cards.
  • Support for AMD graphics cards on Mac OS is now enabled

Note: some older AMD graphics cards (i.e. HD 5870) may not perform well in Direct Link on Mac OS. In those cases, select the new software-based rendering option in Settings.

Software update