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June 17, 2013 /Announcements /

SpeedGrade CC Now Available

Adobe SpeedGrade CC is available now through Creative Cloud!

SpeedGrade CC is the newest version of the color grading and look design application. SpeedGrade CC offers a refined new interface and a host of powerful new features, including Shot Matcher, Film stock emulations, Look Manager, Mercury Transmit, Luma Waveform scope, Snapshot Browser, Continuity Checker, and support for Tangent Element control surfaces. Read an overview of the new features here.

Watch the SpeedGrade CC introductory video.

Top New Features in SpeedGrade CC

Shot Matcher
The revolutionary new Shot Matcher automatically matches the colometry of the source image to the current clip. This can dramatically speed up the process of matching clips shots across scenes. Colin Smith demonstrates this powerful new tool, only available in SpeedGrade CC.

Luma Waveform Display
The new Luma Waveform Display in SpeedGrade CC provides detailed information about your image, representing either the overall luminance of the different parts of the frame, or a breakdown of the RGB channels. This information makes it easy to balance your blacks, whites, and colors.

Look Manager
SpeedGrade .look files provide a simple way to save grades, which you can re-use, or modify, as much as you need. The new Look Manager in SpeedGrade CC is where you store and access Looks. In this tutorial, colorist Robbie Carman walks you through the process.

Snapshot Browser
The Snapshot Browser in SpeedGrade CC allows you to save stills from your work to use as a reference. In contrast to .look files (which save a set of color correction instruction), the Snapshot Browser saves an image. You can load these still images to compare them side-by-side to the clips you’re working on. Robbie Carman shows you how it works.

Creative Cloud
One of the advantages of Creative Cloud is the availability of updates as soon as they’re released. This means that if you are already a Creative Cloud member, you already have SpeedGrade CC. Simply download the application when you want to start using these new features.

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