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August 31, 2012 /Software update /

SpeedGrade CS6 (6.0.3) Update

Today, the SpeedGrade CS6 (6.0.3) update was released. Thank you everyone for your feedback!

If Adobe Application Manager hasn’t already told you about this, go ahead and check for new updates by choosing Help > Updates in Adobe Bridge. The best way to check for updates is by closing all Adobe applications other than Adobe Bridge, and choosing Help > Updates in Adobe Bridge; this ensures that all processes related to Adobe video applications have been quit and can be updated safely.

Ideally, you should install the updates automatically as described above, but you can also directly download the update packages from the download page for Windows or Mac OS.

For information about updates for other Adobe professional video applications, see this page.

This blog post is for information purposes and not technical discussion. If you have questions or difficulties with this update, please come by the  SpeedGrade forum where we can help!


Added HiDPI Support for Mac computers with Retina Display

Fixes in this update

Fixed: Layer renaming issue, after renaming layer application jumps back to Timeline Panel
Fixed: Distortion issues with AIF files from Audition at less than 32bit
Fixed: Zoom to fit values did not always update correctly
Fixed: Mask applied incorrectly in some instances
Fixed: Freezing issues with mask widget when applying mask from mask browser
Fixed: Occasional Desktop refresh issues
Fixed: Crashes when browsing non-supported RAW formats
Fixed: FPS label changing colors
Fixed: Truncation in Discart Stereo Data Dialog
Fixed: Bad QT Strings on Spanish Systems
Fixed: Background flickering in P&S
Fixed: Crashes when hovering over color wheels in Look panel

As noted above: please visit the SpeedGrade user forum for technical assistance!

Software update

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