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January 30, 2015 /#FanFriday /

SPOTLIGHT on Creative Edits & Transitions

On Fridays, we share our favorite user-created videos that relate to a challenge we’ve set out the previous week. The challenge can be a theme, inspirational words, a prop or line to incorporate into your video, a story prompt, or a filmmaking concept to consider.


Last week, we asked you to show off your editing skills by getting creative with edits and transitions between clips. From extended cross fades to traveling across time & space via transitions, check out the excellent submissions in the gallery below!



For this week’s challenge, create a video that showcases the quality of light. What is the light like for you this season?

During the winter, the angle of the sun is lower in the sky, which gives the sunlight a soft quality and filters out a lot of the blues, making the light warmer in tone, especially at sunrise & sunset. The “Golden Hour” – when the quality of light is best (at dawn and dusk) – may also last longer  depending on how close you are to the north or south pole at the time of their winter, giving you more time to capture it. 

During the summer, there are more daylight hours to work with and the light tends to be blue and bright on clear days. The Golden Hours aren’t as long, but they’re stunning!

We’ll be highlighting Light Study videos on 2/6/15. Check out the guidelines below for info on how to participate.


Theme: Light Study

Spotlight date: February 6, 2015

Submission deadline: 12pmPT (Noon) on Thursday, February 5, 2015


To get your video showcased in the app and on the blog:  

  • Create a video that responds to the challenge. Challenges change each week and will be posted on the Premiere Clip Blog and Twitter.
  • Add #FanFriday to the title of your video when you get to the publish screen. This will let us know that you are submitting your video for the weekly challenge.
  • Make sure you publish your video as “Public” so we can share it.
  • Publish your video to the web by 12pm PT (noon) on Thursday of the week you are participating.

For extra visibility, you can also share the link to your video on Twitter by including #MadeWithClip and tweeting to @PremiereClip. This way, we’ll be able to give you props when we highlight your video on social media!


Watch Transitions by Paul Del Vecchio

Transitions by Paul Del Vecchio

Watch Night Cars by Judy LaVerde

Night Cars by Judy LaVerde

Watch My Project by Che Ar

My Project by Che Ar

Watch UN by Nati Festa

UN by Nati Festa

Watch Color & Light by Meagan Keane

Color & Light by Meagan Keane

Watch Like Static by Bronwyn Lewis

Like Static by Bronwyn Lewis

Watch January JUMP by Nakiesha Koss

January JUMP by Nakiesha Koss


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