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September 2, 2010 /Region of Interest /

Stephen van Vuuren renders big things with After Effects CS5

When Stephen van Vuuren started to make an IMAX movie in his basement, he hit a few obstacles. He documented these obstacles in a series of blog posts with the title “11 reasons NOT to make an IMAX art film in your basement”. The one most relevant to the point of my post here is “#5: It’s HUGE!!!”.

Making a 5.6K (i.e., ~5,600 pixels wide) movie in After Effects CS3 and After Effects CS4 was not really feasible, especially doing so at a color depth of 32 bits per pixel (bpc). The dreaded “image buffer error” was a constant companion.

Stephen has said that After Effects CS5 made his movie possible because as a 64-bit application, After Effects CS5 can address much more RAM and therefore hold entire large frames in memory for processing.

As you can see here, things are coming along quite nicely.

We are so very, very glad to have helped you to realize your vision, Stephen. Your movie is the kind of thing that makes me do the job that I do.

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