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October 27, 2016 /

Still Looking for MAX 2016 Sessions? We’ve Got You Covered.

If you’re looking to add to your MAX schedule next week, it’s not too late — we’ve got a few recommendations for you. Give your creative toolbox a booth with some of the following sessions:

  • What’s New from Adobe Type and Typekit – This session will discuss:
    • How to use Typekit to find, get, and use premium-quality typefaces from the world’s top font foundries
    • Exciting developments that are advancing the state of the art, like OpenType Variations fonts
    • How to think about type licensing when you’re choosing fonts for your clients
  • Everything Your Mother Never Told You About Launching a Product Line  – Former Adobe Creative Resident Becky Murphy will share:
    • A checklist and timeline for launching products in a timely matter
    • An understanding of how to set pricing, the difference between wholesale and retail, and how to handle fulfillment and shipping
    • A collection of marketing tips to help get the word out about your product and more resources on managing your own product company
  • Achieving Content Velocity for Cross-channel Marketing – In this session, Courtney Smith, Adobe digital marketing architect, will cover:
    • Establishing a foundational platform for all creatives
    • Gaining efficiencies in the creative process
    • Maintaining brand consistency
    • Understanding asset performance
  • Creative Spaces: An Overview of the Creative Opportunity on Facebook and IG  – Take some tips from the Creative Strategists and Leads at Facebook:
    • Explore building the future of creativity on mobile. Walk through the last one hundred years of building of creative on various media and how that inspires creativity for Facebook products on mobile today. You’ll see various examples of the power of story-telling on Facebook ad products and its impact on businesses and people.
  • Weaving a Richer Web with Dreamweaver CC Extensions – Joseph Lowery, renowned Dreamweaver author and trainer, will reveal:
    • The Dreamweaver extensible architecture: everything from simple insertable objects to interactive dialogs to floating panels
    • How to integrate sophisticated add-ons to build database-driven pages, e-commerce sites, and even mobile apps
    • Resources for free and commercial add-ons from around the world
    • Extension tips, tricks, and troubleshooting
  • Telling My Stories, My Way: My Journey to Becoming a Self-Made Artist – In this session, Jazza Brooks will share:
    • An introduction to his 12-year-old self and how he “met” Adobe
    • A 15-year journey with digital art, told in 15 minutes
    • The dreams he’s chasing: How he’s using Adobe software today in almost every aspect of his career, producing apps, animations, TV shows, games, and educational content for millions of people around the world
    • The moral of the story: How Adobe has helped this artist and entrepreneur tell his stories and build his dreams
  • Improvised Magic: Illustration in Photoshop, the Easy Way! – Specifically, Jazza will cover:
    • Five techniques that boosted his workflow and how he’ll use them moving forward
    • From rough to ready — from initial sketching through to finished art
    • Simple techniques for digital painting
    • How to use organization to your artistic advantage
    • Techniques for post-production in digital illustration

Be sure to reserve your space. Sign up for these sessions today so you don’t miss out in San Diego!

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  • By Sameer Gupta - 9:22 PM on October 27, 2016  

    Thanks! I added ‘Everything your mother never…’ to my schedule. There are few topics I wanted to attend but they’re full. How can I add those to my list?

  • By Verónica Estrada - 7:37 AM on October 28, 2016  

    I really love all the besutifull things I can do using Adobe, it is a great experience when you can learn something more