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December 6, 2012 /Story Releases /

Story update released today, Dec 5

Today another update to Story went live. This one has a number of significant features that we think will make your work easier.
To start, log-in times should now be faster. In the past, we gathered information about all of your projects when we logged in‚ which could take some time if you’ve been doing a lot of work. Starting today, we only get information about the project you were last in, because most of the time you’re only working on one or two projects. There may be a slight delay when you move to a project you haven’t opened in a session—but overall, you should see faster log-in times.
Another significant change is that Character elements can now include multiple characters, so you can specify that multiple characters are speaking the same line. On some productions, this isn’t a big deal—but in some cases, you may need to track how many speaking scenes a character appears in, and this feature makes it easier to do that. To add multiple characters to a line of dialogue, enter the character names separated by “ / “ (space/space; don’t use the quote marks!). What’s cool is that after the second space, you can use auto-complete to fill in the character’s name.
Finally, you can now display the Series Name and Program name in your Headers and Footers. To customize what’s in your Header or Footer, choose Production > Modify Header or Modify footer, then select different options for the Left, Center, and Right fields. Where do you set the Series and Program names? Choose Edit > Script Properties, then click Edit Production Information. In the Production Information dialog, click Edit, and you can enter additional information about the Series Name, etc.
We’ve also made some other enhancements: You can now specify speaking/non-speaking characters at a set level, and you can display or hide studio/location and scheduled date in the script. And, as we always do, we also addressed a number of issues reported by our users. If you encounter something untoward in Story’s behavior, please let us know by submitting feedback here.

You can always access the latest release notes right in Story: click on the Home icon, then the Release Notes link on the right edge of the page (see below). Or, access the full Adobe Story Help online.

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