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March 20, 2017 /

Streamlining HDR Workflows: Dolby Supports Adobe XMP

Adobe XMP is an open standard for metadata, which allows content creators to add labels and settings instructions to media. With the growing power of modern cameras to capture an ever wider range of light and color, XMP offers powerful tools for including supplemental information about images and how they can be displayed, or optimized. With dynamic metadata, light and color settings for media can be adjusted on the fly, for example to apply scene-based creative looks to film content.

This makes Adobe XMP a great match for Dolby Vision, an advanced standard for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video content and displays. HDR describes modern imaging technologies, enabling televisions, for example, to produce more realistic images, with more contrast, more detail in the shadows and highlights, and deeper color.

This image shows how much more image detail is discernable in Dolby Vision (left) than standard dynamic range (right)

“We support Adobe’s efforts to standardize the metadata interchange between content creation tools,” says Curt Behlmer, senior vice president, content solutions and industry relations, Dolby Laboratories. “The XMP Media Production SDK from Adobe provides creative professionals and software developers with a consistent format for next-generation metadata delivery for HDR technologies, such as Dolby Vision.”

Dolby Vision and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 already supports HDR standards, including Dolby Vision. Scene-by-scene optimization is a great example of how Adobe XMP will help deliver the HDR of the future.  Dolby Vision enables scene-by-scene optimization by using Dynamic Metadata to achieve natural contrast and vivid colors that adjust automatically for individual scenes.

We at Adobe are delighted about Dolby Laboratories’ support for Adobe XMP. We have long focused on open standards for the industry and XMP became an ISO standard in 2012 (ISO 16684-1). We work closely with technology partners like Dolby to enable connected workflows that simplify production, and our work together is part of the SMPTE 2094-X series of standard documents, which will benefit production professionals around the world.

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