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Street Photography Workshop with Eric Kim, Live on

Tuesday July 19 and Wednesday July 20, from 12PM to 3PM (Pacific Time).

Join internationally-renowned street photographer Eric Kim for his first live-stream workshop exclusively on the Adobe Twitch Channel! In the two engaging days of his workshop, you will have the chance to learn how to conquer your fears of shooting street photography, the secrets of capturing “the decisive moment”, as well as the process behind his editing workflow in Lightroom.

The online workshop will be streamed live on Twitch and will give you the unique chance to interact with Eric and ask him questions.

July 19: Street Photography Workshop – Part 1

Eric shares practical tips & tricks on how to approach strangers, build your confidence on the streets, and how not to get punched in the face. Furthermore, he will also answer any questions you have related to street photography— and won’t hold back any of his techniques or secrets.

At the end of the first day, Eric will give you a street photography based assignment designed to build your confidence and “work the scene.” On Wednesday July 20, he will choose some of your submitted photos to give an honest and constructive critique to better improve your street vision. The best 10 images will win prizes!

July 20: Street Photography Workshop – Part 2

Eric will give you advice on how to find your own style and vision in street photography, as well as how to work on your own personal projects. Eric will share some of his best projects, and show you the “behind the scenes” in terms of how he chose, edited, and post-processed his photos in Lightroom.

Finally, Eric will share some of the lessons that he has distilled from the masters of street photography as well as compositional tips. These practical lessons will push you outside of your comfort zone, improve your composition, and help take your work to the next level.


Join us on Twitch.Tv/Adobe on July 19,20 and 21!

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  • By Rufus Deuchler - 3:55 AM on July 14, 2016  

    Here’s a time converter for everyone’s convenience:

  • By Babeth - 1:55 PM on July 18, 2016  

    Hello, I’m french and wondering if it is possible to see the workshop differed.
    thank a lot and have a good day.

  • By Alan Watson - 8:03 PM on July 18, 2016  

    Eric, If you are demonstrating Lightroom on a Mac might I suggest you increase the size of the curser in the settings to make it easier to follow as it moves around the screen, especially for people viewing on a small screen or tablet.

    • By Eric Kim - 9:42 AM on July 19, 2016  

      Thanks Alan, I’ll try to remember to do that today!

  • By Manuel - 10:28 AM on July 20, 2016  

    Hey there. I was not able to make it yesterday. So I went to the Twitch site and looked up yesterdays session. It seems it has not been put into the archive of the Adobe channel. Is it possible to see the two sessions in a recorded format? Thank you very much!