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February 16, 2017 / Adobe Stock

Five Great Templates Types for Businesses

Adobe Stock offers a variety of templates. These five examples are well-suited for businesses looking to save time and work smarter.

February 16, 2017

Jumpstart Your Next Project with Guided Templates

Using templates is good for inspiration and skipping the setup, but to get the most out of templates you need to know how to customize the template for your own unique project. Take advantage of ready-to-use templates with instructions for commonly needed marketing materials. Now you can learn step-by-step while you create the deliverables you need.

Design Segment
February 14, 2017

Design Tips for 6 Common Marketing Projects

While you have design skills, it’s not reasonable that you’re a master of all things design or can channel creative inspiration on demand. And if you’re not using design software day in and day out, you might need some help getting started, or at least a quick refresher. Here are some quick design tips and best practices to help you create six typical marketing pieces — and deliver anything but typical results.

Adobe Stock Templates — Changing the Game for Designers

Adobe Stock templates empower designers at every skill level with professional designs to get you past the blank canvas to the final product you need.

January 13, 2017 / Member Stories

Clemson Tigers Deliver Video with Speed

Clemson Athletic Communications empowers all students and staff to create their own videos using mobile workflows based around Adobe Premiere Clip.

November 2, 2016 / Adobe Stock / Creative Cloud

Adobe Stock Expands Marketplace and Upgrades Search Tools

We’ve expanded our Adobe Stock marketplace to include two new asset categories, 3D models and templates, making Creative Cloud the go-to platform for everything you need to create great work.