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Art directors are becoming animators. Print designers are becoming web designers. Illustrators are also photographers and editors who also shoot film. They are the New Creatives, and we are celebrating their work.

With the Creative Cloud our product teams have removed the barriers to creative expression: Designers can build parallax HTML5 experiences. Illustrators are making EPUBs. Photographers are using their cameras and Adobe technology to become filmmakers. And coders have the tools to make beautiful design.

It’s an amazing and interesting time in our industry; people have the ability to self-express, in any discipline, without boundaries. I Am The New Creative promotes the amazing work our community is producing and marks this moment in time as a movement and a celebration of creativity.

One of the most incredible aspects of this program has been watching creative professionals merge their mediums and their portraits to produce “New Creatives” versions of themselves.

There’s something magical about the compositions. As a designer there’s always a part of me in my work, but to personalize my work in this way, to make my work more representative of me, presents an alternative perspective. All of the artists we’re working with are enjoying this experience and are appreciative of our desire to promote their amazing creative output.

Our new site highlights the New Creatives, their disciplines, their work, and their stories.

Visitors to the site can join us and become New Creatives (submissions are made through Behance and curated by our team); we’ll be choosing a number of artists and celebrating them and their work throughout our social properties and on during the coming year.



Be sure to check out the work of the New Creatives, get inspired, and join us.


Graphic Designer / Executive Creative Director / Maker of things




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Adobe Creative Cloud—A Platform for Innovation

In the spring of 2012, we launched Creative Cloud—membership to Adobe’s full range of creative applications—with the belief that it would benefit our customers by giving them access to our tools and services as they’re updated. Since then, more than 1.4 million people have joined Creative Cloud with premium (paid) memberships and millions more have signed up with (free) trial memberships.

Today we’re releasing a major update to Creative Cloud with new features across our core tools—Adobe® Photoshop® CC, Adobe® Illustrator® CC, and Adobe® InDesign® CC—including 3D printing support in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Photoshop CC expands creative possibilities

New 3D printing capabilities in Adobe Photoshop CC tap into the creative and commercial possibilities of 3D printing with the ability to reliably build, refine, preview, prepare and print 3D designs using familiar Photoshop tools. The groundbreaking Perspective Warp feature makes it easy to alter the viewpoint from which an object is seen, and manipulate perspective in an image, while keeping the rest of the image intact.  Linked Smart Objects save time and improve collaboration by enabling objects to be used and updated simultaneously across multiple Photoshop documents.  Learn about all the new features in Photoshop CC.


Typekit revolutionizes how designers work with type

Now that you can sync fonts from Adobe Typekit to your computer for use in any desktop application, we’ve made updates to Illustrator CC and InDesign CC to make for an even more intuitive integration; for example, InDesign CC will now automatically search the Typekit desktop font library for missing fonts and offer the option to use those fonts, or similar fonts, if it finds a match. Using fonts in your PDFs and print files just got a lot easier. Learn more about Typekit.

Illustrator CC gets powerful new functionality

The latest version of Illustrator CC simplifies creating perfect, editable, rounded corners with the new Live Corners controls; offers more intuitive drawing with the rebuilt Pencil Tool; the ability to quickly modify existing objects and change the view of perspective drawings with Path Segment Reshape and export responsive SVG code and graphics. Learn more about Illustrator CC.


InDesign CC simplifies ways to add interactivity

InDesign CC includes new support for EPUB 3.0 specification including new ways to add interactivity to eBooks, the ability to add pop-up footnotes that streamline the EPUB reading experience, and support for Japanese Vertical Composition and Hebrew and Arabic text. InDesign also offers simplified hyperlink creation and management. Learn more about InDesign CC.


Adobe Muse CC gets more engaging

Adobe Muse CC released a set of new features in November 2013 that included scroll effect enhancements that make it easy to create subtle or dramatic scrolling web pages; a new Library panel that stores frequently used design elements; and a dozen new social widgets that make connecting to social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, a snap. Also added was Adobe Muse Exchange, a community-based exchange where custom widgets and templates can be borrowed and shared. Learn more about Adobe Muse CC or check out How to Create a Website with Adobe Muse to create your first site.


Get started with Creative Cloud

* If you’re ready to take your skills and creativity in new directions, with applications you’ve never tried before, check out the training videos on Creative Cloud Learn.

* If you’re already a Creative Cloud member, download the updates through the Creative Cloud desktop application.

* If you’re not yet a Creative Cloud member, sign up for a free trial membership for 30-day access to the latest versions of every Adobe creative desktop app.

* If you’ve already tried our Creative Cloud applications for 30 days, and want to try Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC or Muse CC a second time, free, launch the Creative Cloud desktop app and click Update next to the apps you want to try.

See, in more detail, what’s new in Creative Cloud for designers.

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Adobe Illustrator Sweepstakes Winners

Last week Adobe Illustrator’s sweepstakes on Facebook ended and now we finally have all 1,000 winners of the limited edition Dylan Roscover Venus poster. See below if your name is listed and if it is, you should be getting an email from Adobe asking for your address so we can ship your poster. Thanks to all of you who participated!


Aaron Tamayo Eric Segeren Mark Zaleppa
Aaron Webb Eric Wade Markus Görlich
Abbou Yahia Eric Wyatt Marshall Diveley
Abdelkader El-Founti Erica Klintworth Marta Riboni
Abdul Rony Erica Purnell Martin Hatfield
Aberekor Vokejeff Erick Puentes Martin Ohse
Abhishek Aggarwal Erind Mati Marvin Meyer
Abu Naser Erwin Fung Mary Addair
Achiles Zarek Esther Martinez Mary Ann Kiger
Adam Bedard Etienne Levesque Guitard Mathieu Zins
Adam Bucci Eva Banegas Matt Ciaglia
Adiel Hanif Evan Boyd Matt Rudowski
Adrian de Ausen Evelyn Maddox Matteo Discardi
Adrian Kondrat Ezekiel Brown Matthew Beningof
Adriana Mesén Fabian Ortiz Matthew Ivan
Afif Harb Fabian Zelaya Matthew Savant
Agnieszka Dudkowska Felipe Santos Matthew thaow
Ahmad Almsaeed Fernando Cruz Mauricio Dosman
Ahmad Hadi Fernando Paez Vergel Maximilian Grimmeiss
AIDA LUCIA Rodriguez Fernando Perez Christensen Maya Georgieva
Aimee Lyons Fernando Rodriguez Mehak Gulzar
Aimee Sims Filipe Santos Melanie Glinksi
Ajit Murkar Fiona McBean Melissa Hartog
Akash Dhurbarry Fran Brennan Melita Cleveland
Al Tucker Francesco Lauciello Merav Shamli
Alan Shutko Francis Gaskill Meredith Byrum
alejandro Gozalves Francisco agrela Mervi Jankko
Alejandro Herrera Francisco campos Micah Burke
Alejandta Jimenez Frank Lopez Micah Kenfield
Aleksandar Todorov Markovic Gabriela Contreras Michael Anderson
aleksandra Swatek Gabriela Esquinca Michael Berger
Alessio Betteni Garron Ballard Michael Davis
Alex Brito Gary friedman Michael Fielitz
Alex Jolley Gary Meehan Michael Fordice
Alex Shepler Geni Poole Michael Glass
Alexander Massey Gentry Li Michael Murdock
Alexander Rey George Pawley Michael O’Connell
Alexandra Brietzke Georgia Higgins Michael Stephens
Alexandre pereira costa Georgia Mckenzie Michael Torres
Alexandre van Meerbeke Gerardo Moreno Michał Maciejewski
Ali Abdulla Gilberto Balderas Michel Mirandola
Ali Noorani Gina Arena Michelle Corbett
Alican Özcan Gina Ruiz Michelle Iglesias
Alice Thorton Gino Edgardo Becerra Flores Michelle Johnson
Alicia Mason Glor Sola Michelle Tsivgadellis
Alison Gail Goce Spiroski Miguel Angel Plaza
Aliyah Bajrie Gökhan Kul Miguel Uriel sanchez lara
Allan Del Barrio Goldy Bhutt MIHI Han
Allison Oliphant Goli Monazahian Mike Brisk
Allison Raber Gonca Cicek Mike schwabauner
Amanda Aliperti Göran Karlsson Mike Tyler
Amanda Parry Goran Raukar Milan Vojicic
Amber Creed Grail Beltran Milka Sanchez
Ammar Midani Grant Levarre-Waters Miriam Kelly
Amr Fawzy Greg Agee Mitchell Fleitz
Amy Frazier Greg Ceminski Moataz El-Zeidy
Amy Giltner Gregory Camacho Mohamed Gallah
Amy Taylor Gregory kirstein Mohamed Sabreen
Amy Zhong Gregory Shultz Mohammad Zeeshan Ai Khan
Ana Inkote Guilherme May Mohammed Ali
Anas Bakhit Gurol Sahin Mônica Ishizaka
Andi Schwartz Ha Pham Monika Gause
Andrea Gambardella Hakan Karakaş Morgan Oneka
Andrea Prichard Hamza Khalid Muhammed Sameer
Andrea-Rose Hutton Haruna Yahaya Muna Sudqui Thbakhi
Andreas Bacher Hashim Suheem Muneer flayyih
Andreas Kalahanis Hayley elvin Mustafa Mohamed
Andreas Mak Hee-soo lee Muzaffer Akyayla
Andreas Mehlsen Heinz Schneider Myer Bornstein
Andreas Meyer Heldrik Lynch Myrna Vick
Andreas Terbeck Helena Lau Nader Botros
Andrei Constantin Henrik Hakansson Natalie Schmidt
Andrés Ramirez Henrik Holgersson Nathalie Piche
Andrew Fogarty Henry Lim Nathaniel Gregg
Andrew Hollis Henry Moreno Nathifa Swan
Andrew Silk Henry Silentman Nellie Tay
Andrew Williamson Henry tanjung Neng Ly
Angela DeAngelo Hiba Benamira Nereida Hagenbeek
Angela Fields Holly Hartner Nicholas Orlando
Angela Ivanesi Hui Yun chew Nicolas Dion-Bouchard
Angela Onken Ian Crowne Nicole Winn
Angelica Marquez Iga Kotra Nikki Lussier
Angelika Fijalkowska Igor Mesaric Nina Attia
Animesh Ekka Imran Ali Nirvesh Jaggat
Anna M Krajewska Irina Silayeva Noë Baeten
Anna Pospieszynska Isaac Sunkes Noel Gardner
Anne Aavitsland Isaiah Sheppard Noel Li
Annie Joeseph Islam Salem Noora Savolaine
Anthony MacDonald Israel Cazares Núria Nadal
Antonio Deviva Ivi Shano Oliver Prentice
Antonio Guidino J E Thompson Olivia Gill
Antonio Prigiobbo Jack Clabough Olivier Strobbe
Antonio Ramos Jacob Arnseth Olly Banham
Anwar Suseno Jacob Burke Omar Sanchez Jimenez
Ara Sargsyan Jag Sasuri Omi Dreamer
Areeb Ahmad Jaguara LaDay Omota Paul
Arfan Sohaib Jaime Ortega Omri Fuhrer
Ari Arsyadi Jairo Eli DeLe Ondřej Pisa
Arivalagan Raja Manickam Jairo Torres Ondřej Pomykal
Arley Cornell Jake Bloss Orlando Robinson
Aron Osal Jakub Kowalczyk Orlando Santaella
Arta khanalizadeh James Atienza Oscar Alvaro Chuquillanqui Olarte
Arturo Gonzalez James Conlin Oscar mendez
Ashley barry James English Oswaldo de la Rosa Anaya
Ashley Mendelbau Jamie Subol Othmane Tajani
Ashley Moore Jan Kalina Ouahmed Smail
Ashley Seto Jane Mahoney Pamela Lewis
Augusto Batista Jane Shank Paramita Chakrabarty
Augusto Mozzetti Jane Walker-Scott Paraskevi Fotiou
Autumn Schabert Jang Hoon Jung Pascal Schmezer
Avyshek Sobhee Jani Korkiakangas Patcharee Wilkins
Ayesha Mira Janine Uhlke Pathompong Mongkolpornpiroj
Aysha Linkiewich Jasmin Torres-Karys Patricia Fernandez
Aziz Asuncion Jasmine clemencio Patricia Malek
Barbara Wiebking Jason Joseph Pattie Anderson
Barbi Defazio Jason Mozdy Patty Kalvelage
Bart koelewijn Jasur Rakhimov Paul Costley
Bartley Harper Javier Guadarrama Paul Fletcher
Beatriz Corona Javier Kutsher Paul Puaux
Belinda Caldwell Jay Banbury Paulo Autunes
Belliard samuel Jay Pickford Pedro Pires
Ben McEntire Jean Moore Perry Patrick
Ben stallman Jeanette Klitz Petar Pavlov
Benjamin Rossi Jeco Bolo Peter Dong
Benny Thaibert Jeff Brousseau Peter Polz
Bernard Bodo Jemal Diamon Peter Steeper
Beth Crankshaw Jenel Looney Peter-Pau van den Hurk
Bethania Pulido Jenn DePersis Petr Hrncir
Betty Neale Jennifer Chiu Phil Wiener
Bill Froom Jennifer Granado Philip Norris
Björn kautenburger Jennifer Hochstedler Phill Coooper
Blair Matthews Jennifer Labre Pierre-Etienne Courtejoie
Blake Dennis Jennifer Torres Pragya Deo
Blanca Cortes Jenny Caldwell Pratibha Kankaria
Blanka Roundtree Jeremy Moore Preston Hamamoto
Bobby Jennings Jerry Bernard Priscilla Shinn
Boboye Olayiwola Jesper Andreassen Quentin Lacoste
Bogdan Boiangi Jessica Garett Rachel Efros
Bogdan Oprea Jessica Renyoso Rachel Luijk
Bogdan Staiculescu Jessie Nekut Radu Dobrostomat
Bonnie Szalwinski Jesus Pablo Rafael Reyes
Boyd Wiebe Jim Robertson Rajagopalan Nabiar
Brad Bartell Jiri Vlasak Randy Adams
Bradley Diesing Joana Saramago Raphael borthouluzzi
Brandon Wooster JoAnn Jordan Raphael Jahndel
Branislav Milic Joanna Hernandez Rashell Busch
Brendan Switzer João Vitor Elias Fernandes Raul Ropan
Breno Morozowski Joaquin Garcia Valera Rebecca Cox
Brent Murray Joce Nunes Rebecca Fuentes
Brett Sayles Joe Grant Reda Ibrahim
Brian Adams Joe Hernandez Renata Lider
Brian Brisendine Joe Moriconi Renea Leathers
Brian collins Joel Matos Rex Peters
Brian Forosisky John Lynord Macalma Ricardo Bruno Fernandes
Brian Price John Quintero Richard Hilliard
Brian Van Skiver John Simoneau Richard Nguyen
Brigitta Patterson John Weiker RICKY D’Andrea
Brigitte Schultz John Whitehead Rigoberto Leiva
Brittney Walton John Wyffels Ritche Tio
Brock Marques jolyon Favreau Ritesh Ranjan
Bryan Clapper Jon Hoffman Ritvesh Boodhoo
Bryanna Herzog Jon Liebold Riyas Hamza
Bunny Chaney Jon Okerstrom Rizia Carneiro
Caleb Godsey Jonathan gonzales Rob Hardman
Caleb Hallahan Jonathan Grant Rob Smith
Caleb royer Jonathan Kavalos Robert Baldridge
Captain Churl Jonathon Montgomery Robert Ciampolilo
Carissa Winter jorge Barringon Robert Deli
Carla Swinke Jorge Caridade Robert Durn
Carlie Van Winkle Jorge Carrillo Robert Gassiot
Carlo Ceruti Jorge Dominguez Robert Simpson
Carlos francischetti Jorge Galvez Roberto Sanchez Pena
Carlos Francisco Padilla Cortes Jorge Willian dornelles Robin Perlah
carlos mario sierra torres Joschka Vogt Robyn Quinter
carlos ortega Jose Antonio Rivera Caceres Rodel Lescano
Carlos Rodriguez Jose Bazo Roel Mollen
Carlos Vila Jose Eduardo Murcia Quevedo Roger Coke Guiterrez
Carmen Cavallo Jose Guadalupe Ortiz Roger Eriksen
Carmen Pat Jose Torres Romain Labrande
Carol Bourns Josee Bourdon Ron Rowland
Carol Haggerty Joseph Chamberlain Rory McNicholas
Caroline Galipeau Josh Calvertt Rosalio Mendoza
Casey Chafouleas Josh Duncan Roxann Grover
Cassandra MacDonald Josh Peterson Ruben Dario Cruz Ramos
Catherine Willis Jostein Hestdal Rudi Spitzers
Cathy Agoris Josue Alvarado Ryan Doyle
Cathy Paus Josué Galvan Ryan Songco
cathy Scheltien Josue Palma Sakthivel U
Cedric Dufour Joy Chu Salah Al-Din Talhami
Cédric Jack J. Juan Arias Saleheen Azim
Celes Monton Juan Pablo Villafane Murillo Sam Durbin
Cesar Doval Judy McMillian Samantha Nardelli
Cesar Lebron Julia Rodney Samoud Hichem
Cesar Sanchez Julian Alliu Sanchai Powjun
Chaitanya Gudapati Julian Rupp Sandra Mendelsohn
Chase Gobble Julie Tork Sara Fox
Chelsea Cochran Julie Vega Sara McDonald
Cheri Swan Julio Vasquez Sarah Jancich
Chomchon Tummanon Jungsuck Choi Sarah Mulrooney
Chris dickman Juraj Mihalik Sarah O’Donnovan-Byrne
Chris Drain Justin Martin Scott Barber
Chris Durietz Justin Vicory Scott Fultz
Chris Garcia Kajorn Bhirakit Scott Netizke
Chris Meyers Kallen Lunt Sean Aikins
Chris Sawyers Kamalakar Venigalla Sean Kimber
Christian Belanger Kang Hyungshin Sean Malthouse
Christian Flores Karen Four Sean Murray
Christian Jacobsen Kari Ardalan Sean Olsen
Christian Kirchmann Kari Christi Shahbaz Shaikh
Christina Lockhart Karin Caro Shahid Mirza
Christine Gauthier Karl Wittman Shamnaf Abdul Rasheed
Christoffer Havrell Uddgren Kate Moon Shanna O’Shea
Christopher Chavers Kate Wilentz Shannon Cary
Cid Cadigal Katherine Tear Shannon Wieloch
Cindi Farrell Kathern Bly Shaw Gu
Claudia Nau Kathryn Trumbly Shawn Johnston
Claudia Rico Kathy Fisher Shelby Bass
Cody Strahan Katie Labatiuk SheriLynn meyer
Colin Dekker Katie Mall Sherry Berghefer
Courtney Canova Katinka Körting Shravan Shetty
Cristian Vega Keenda Abdel Karim Shubhankar Mazumdar
Cristiano Cameroni Keith Coats Sidney Henderson
Crystal Caldona Keith Dyckes Simen Brurberg
Crystal Collins Keith McKenzie Simon Adriaensen
Curtis Wise Keith Messina Simon Doyle
Cyndi Harris Keith Mountifield Simon Merineau
Dagan Zemach Kelly Raver Sirkku Pohja
Damian Maring Kelly van Dellen Siva Kumar
Damianos Hadjinicolaou Kemal Wahju Sivanathan Anbuselvam
Damien Faivre Ken Lawson Skip Lande
Dan Fear Kenneth Crosby Song Yujin
Dan Lifshitz Kesavan VBK Spencer Dahl
Dan Pieper Kevin Banks Spencer Sturr
Dan Stevenson Kevin Hol Stacey Jones
Dana Hayward Kevin M Hussey Stacy Cannon
Danie Salles Kevin Murray Stalin Davila Estevez
Daniel Broughton Kevin Tsai Stephanie Mee
Daniel Collante Kevin Wegner Stephen Rickett
Daniel Feliciano Kien Nguyen Stephen Walker
Daniel Forestiere Kieran Sheehan Steve ashley
Daniel Kacvinski Kim brown Steve Veloff
Daniel Mendoza Kim Egner Stevee Beatz
Daniel Torres Kim Hanen Steven Jackson
Daniela Loyola Kim Jansen Stian Kristoffer Jamessen
Danielle Capichano kim Juhye Stijn van Drunen
Danielle Light Krista Menzel Sukanta Biswas
Danilo Fonseca Kristen Martin Sulav Poudel
Danny Zrihen Kristian Gamble Sungsun Kim
Dario Estupinan Krzysztof Szopinski Susan Garza
Darius Zukas Kyunghoon Oh Susanna Kuiper
Darran Gange Larry Friedberg Suzanne Marshall-Jones
Darrin Waterbury Laszlo Ambrus Sydnee Turner
Darya Tarwneh Laura Kersting Szilard marschalko
Dave Hiemstra Laura Kozma Szimmer Akos
David Fallin LAURA Napolitano Tai Terry
David Kaiser Laura Taft Tara Parekh
David Lencses Laurent Rabut Taufik Nurs
David Wheeler Lauri Loveridge Taylor Burton
Davious McMillan Leana Hilmi Teri Alexis
Dawn McKenna Lee Flowers Teun Palamans
Deb Cramer Lee Hyunje Thafer Alawneh
Dee Lenser Leigh Dowding Thares Kekina
Delney Chua LEILA Sifuentes Thea Stevens
Denna Merritt Lenora Martin Thierry Bezier
Dennis Francisco Leon Van Kogelenberg Thilo Kressdorf
Dennis Kang Leona Butler Thomas Cave
Devi Prasd Leona Westdahl Thomas Donaldson
Devlin Donnelly Leoniceloesch Thomas Hanser
Dharshan Pancharatnarajah Leslie Hollenbeck Thomas nazaraly
Dhruv Patel Lexie Kwiek Thomas Richard
Diana Hamblock Leyla Oglesby Tia Ellis
Diana Perez Lika Kharshats Tiaan Venter
Diane Sangster Lindsey Ribeiro Tiara Dees
Diane Stokell Lindsey Southwell Tim Bateup
Diego Espejo Lisa Menke Tim Muller
Diego F. Diaz Rodriguez Liz Watson Tim Whitney
Diego Gonzalez Lordsman Burgos Timothy Mathes
Diego Marroquin Lorena Steinet Ting Gong
Dimitar Lyubenov Tsekov Lori Claudio TM Petaccia
Dino Koljenovic Lori Greig Tobias eisermann
Dominic Fortune Lorin Easton Todd Last
Dominik Bruchof Louis Au Todd Valentine
DonaldPeters Luat Tran Quoc Tom Mcnamara
Donda Cordova Lucas Martins Tom Robinson
Donna Brownell L gomez valero Tom Varela
Donna Hall Luis Hernandez Tomas Ingi Ragnarsson
Donny Jennings Luis Ordonez Tomi Storey
Dorothy Baxter Luis Penagos Tone Davis
Dorus Verwiel Luisito Aumentado Toni Vicent
Dowoo Lee Lwin Htet Aung Tony da Franca
Duong Caotri Lynne Fox Tony Harmer
Dušan Pešić Lysa Allen Tova Raykin
Dusan Prokic M Sabie Saeed Travis Bredehoft
Dustin Vyers Maaike Min Tri Nguyen
Dylan Bruce Maciej Piwowarczyk Tricia Barrett
Earl Bryan Nacua Mack Barbosa Escobar Trish Zalesak
Eddie Cruz Madeline Lim Rong Ying Lim Trudy Rech
Edgar Wilkening Magdalena Bialek Tyler Laughlin
Edmund Porta Magnus Hansen Ugo Boulet
Eduardo Correa Mahesh Jadav Ujwal Ticktoo
Eduardo Del Valle Maiyuran Kana Upamanyu Das
Edward Parker Malcolm Querney Vaibhav Vardhan
Edward Sanchez Malin Hassel Penteado Valentin Schnitzler
Edwin Boror Mandi Pralle Vance Robnett
Edwin Carbajal Manish Sharmer Vanessa Cartwright
Eileen Morales Manuel Calderon de la Barca Vanessa Farano
Elaine Ward Manuel Martinez Ortiz Veera Manikandan
Elena Botell Manuel Salazar Veronica Alvarado
Elena Humanes Manuel Sepulveda Vibeke Koehler
Eleni kelley Manuel Vargas Victor Cacinschi
Elias Chiri Manuela Panic Victor Latco
Eliash Strongowski Mao Dominguez Victoria Baldoni
Elisa Eder Marcia Wood Victoria Pavlov
Elizabeth Biever Márcio Morais Vimber William
Elizabeth Simons Marco Valencia Vincent Brando
Elizabeth Wiethop Marcos Olmos Vincent Colburn
Elvis G Pereira Marcus Edmark Viren Bhalla
Emi Toma María Isabel Navarro Ruiz Virginia Wood
Emidio Torre Maria Maza Vittoy Bautista
Emily Gruenfelder Mariana Elias Vivek Kumar
Emma Powney Marilyn Srsen Walter Genevrier
Emmanuel Vargas Mario Castro Wes Peters
Endia Williams Mario Luca Pecora William Romanini
Enea Auberson Mario Ruano William Warhurst
Eren Shain Mariso Reyesl Wilson Araujo
Eric Allen Mariusz Rozmanowski Woojin Lee
Eric Arnal Mark Anthony Fernandez Yoann Vedani
Eric Brewer Mark Chamberlain Ysmael Guzman
Eric Felton Mark Higgins Yusman Yussuf
Eric Gea Mark Jenkinson Yvonnen Vansledright
Eric Gill Mark Lehr Zach Apostle
Eric Guiterrez Dorati Mark Mathew Paradela Zach Ubbelohde
Eric Rosenfeld Mark Wubbena Zoe Ronen
Zsolt Gersztheimer
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Firewater’s A Little Revolution Music Video – The Making Of with Brian Yap

There’s no denying the fact that Brian Yap is one talented Adobe Touch Apps user. We’ve seen his Touch Apps projectssuch as the Grovemade iPhone/iPad Cases, his demo videos on Adobe TV , and we’re excited to bring you more of his great designs. This time around, Brian has lent his talents to the self-described “world punk” band Firewater for their recent music video titled “A Little Revolution.”

We chatted with Brian to learn how he utilized his favorite app, Adobe Ideas,  CS6 tools, and Creative Cloud in making of the music video. Check out our interview below and pick up some useful tips along the way.

Adobe: How did this opportunity to work on the Firewater music video project come about?
Brian Yap: Paul Griswold contacted me about working together for no reason other than seeing and liking my illustrations on an Adobe TV video – where I was using Adobe Ideas and talking about how it fit my style. We connected and talked a bit about wanting to collaborate on a fun project. Then, earlier this year, a friend of Paul’s and musical hero of mine, Todd A., contacted him in the hopes that he could get help creating a music video on a tight budget. The band was Firewater and the video was created for the first single off their new album.

Live footage was shot in Turkey and was mixed with animation built from illustrations I did on the tablet with Adobe Ideas and then fine-tuned in Illustrator. The pieces were then animated with After Effects, as well as other programs outside of Adobe.  Being able to work remotely made it possible for me to connect with these amazingly talented guys and get in on this project, without ever actually meeting them in person.

Talk us through your creative process. How did you approach this project?
I started by working with the team to come up with a bunch of visual concepts to illustrate. I began collecting references and sketching things out. The process was cool because I would feed Paul Griswold sheets of designs and pieces, and then when the test animations started, it lead to other ideas and concepts.

Usually, whenever someone tells you to just draw cool stuff, the first thing that happens is white paper freeze, but Firewater’s music and the tracks from the new album are so filled with energy and ideas that it was easy to get things flowing and get into it.

Tell us why Adobe Touch Apps, specifically Adobe Ideas, was an ideal tool to use for this task?
I was able to work while traveling with Ideas and the Creative Cloud and keep all the many pieces and designs organized. Being able to draw while traveling for another project, or get out of the office or studio and work on this project really kept me inspired. The vector-based quality of Ideas meant that the process of cleaning up a sketch to make it finished and the way I wanted was super fast and easy so I could explore a lot more pieces quickly and feel okay about not sending everything.

What was the inspiration behind the images you created?
All the inspiration for the work I contributed to the piece was from the song. The tone of the music, the energetic and upbeat sound, and the themes in the lyrics, all helped to lead everything from color to what I was drawing. The video footage shot in Turkey had a “dance number” skew/protest march. It helped inspire me to keep the illustrations meaningful but usable in a way that matched the tone of the song.

Speaking of music, how critical does music play in your creative process? What genre or music gets you in a creative mode?
I’m definitely an aging music nerd. Everything I do is inspired by the music I listen to and when possible, like this project, actually part of the work. Todd A and Firewater’s sound and big catalog were on constant repeat during this project, and I think I made some new fans for them around me because of it. A lot of time it’s hip hop, like Ghostface Killah. When I need to slow it down, like when I’m sketching or playing with concepts, I get into bands with a more songwriting, musical exploration type feel. Lately groups like Manouk, Manchester Orchestra, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and instrumental outfits, like Red Sparowes, are as important to me working as the tools I use to draw.

What tips/suggestions do you have for creative individuals thinking about getting into Adobe Ideas?
The pinch and zoom allows you to work with an almost infinite sized canvas. Drawing on a tablet with a photo layer is an unbelievable way to keep a reference file, sketchbook and finished canvases all in the same place. I always say, just play around with it. Get used to the features and what it does and then make the tool work the way you work.

For veteran users like yourself, what tips and/or techniques can you offer?
I was using Ideas for a year before bothering to play much with opacity. It led me to a whole new way of drawing with Ideas that look like pencil by using a super low opacity and black or grey and just layering strokes. Always keep playing with the app. I think the simplicity makes it easy to use for everyone, but there are some smart guys behind this application and the ways we as artists use it is only fenced in by our imagination and willingness to adapt to a new artistic tool.

For more on the making of the music video, check out the project on Behance.

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Top 5 Creative Cloud Tips (and Benefits) from Dave Cross

Dave-CrossOur team noticed Photoshop trainer, author, speaker and photographer, Dave Cross (@DaveCross) sharing Creative Cloud tips on Twitter, so we tapped him to see if he’d be up for sharing his insights with our Creative Layer readers. Dave told us that in the relatively short time that he’s been an Adobe Creative Cloud member, he’s already benefited in some unexpected ways, and continues to see additional opportunities where he can take advantage of Creative Cloud features. Here are Dave’s top 5 Creative Cloud tips (and really some benefits), written by the pro himself:

Tip #1: Apps

Of course, having access to all the Adobe applications is pretty sweet. But there’s a “hidden” benefit: Adobe Creative Cloud members get access to new features before they are released to everyone else. There have already been exclusive new features added to Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Muse and more, and I expect that will continue in the future with other apps.  



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Creative Design Inspiration: Gig Posters

Arnold Skolnick's iconic 1969 Woodstock poster

Arnold Skolnick’s iconic 1969 Woodstock poster

When some of the memories begin to fade, gig posters are ever-lasting reminders of experiences past. Take for instance Arnold Skolnick’s Woodstock poster that went on to become one of the most recognizable images of the last 40 years – or another 60s classic, the Monterey Pop Festival artwork, which still continues to be recognized.

Today, gig posters are still making their mark, and are becoming the ultimate pop art and coveted collectibles. Here are some of our recent favorites.

Are there any you would add? Tell us in the comments below.





Phish by James Flames


Dave Matthews Band by DKNG Studios



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Creative Spotlight: Eric Merced on Adobe Creative Cloud and the Touch Apps

Like a superhero, Eric Merced possesses a special power – the ability to unleash creativity. With his trusty iPad loaded with Adobe Touch Apps, along with access to Creative Cloud and the Creative Suite 6 applications, there is no project too big for Eric to tackle.

We sat down with Eric to learn how these Adobe products have improved his workflow capabilities, given him the ability to seamlessly transfer his work between technologies and helped him become the illustrator he is today. Read our Q&A with Eric below and be sure to check out the new hero-themed Twitter background we created to celebrate his work.



Adobe: When were you first introduced to Adobe Touch Apps?

Eric Merced: It was with my first generation iPad (I currently own the iPad 2) and Adobe Ideas. There was a lot of complaining going on about how the iPad was not ideal for creating high-resolution art and Ideas was the first app that made me think otherwise.

What was the very first creation you made with Touch Apps?Gordon_Merced1-111x300

Even though I had already used Ideas to dabble in creating art on the iPad, my first “wow” moment that cemented my desire to create illustrations and comics, was when I used Creative Cloud to upload an image of The Dark Knight Rises’ character, Bane. The idea of being able to back up my work directly from the iPad and have it available on my iPhone or desktop was thrilling. I later took that image into Photoshop Touch and added textures, which brought the image and my workflow to another level.

How has the integration from Touch Apps through to the Creative Cloud features changed your creative workflow?

It has simplified everything. I feel good knowing that I have a powerful mobile studio with Ideas and Creative Cloud.  The iPad’s feature of allowing apps to store files in iTunes is good, but I feel Creative Cloud is a step up because it allows you to access those files from other devices (i.e., iPod, iPhone, desktop). That’s true integration right there, and it’s also essential for a true mobile studio experience.

Which pairing of the Touch Apps and the applications within Creative Cloud is most instrumental to your creative process?

Photoshop Touch and Photoshop CS6. Any file I tweak in Photoshop Touch can easily be opened in Photoshop on my desktop.

eric-merced-211x300Where’s your favorite location to create?

Mostly inside, as I don’t travel much, but Adobe Touch Apps allows me to physically create anywhere inside I’d like, as opposed to being tied to a desk and chair.

How much of a difference has direct touch input made to your creations?

The ability to zoom in and out, resize with a pinch, or to move the canvas around with two fingers is amazing. It makes doing these things much faster and more natural.

If you had the opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world with your Touch Apps, where would it be and why?

I’d love to go to a lot of places in the world – maybe too many to mention here. And who knows, with the iPad and Adobe Touch Apps on hand, now that’s more possible than ever.

For more on Eric’s work, stop by his website to see his portfolio. Want to be featured in one of our upcoming spotlight posts? Drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below.

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Creative Spotlight: Q&A with Animator Lee Daniels

You may have stumbled across Lee Daniels’ work on our Adobe Stories site or our Adobe Facebook Page, but we recently caught up with him to really find out the depths and origins of his creativity when it comes to animation and cartooning.

Adobe: What’s your story? How did you get to where you are today?

Lee Daniels: After experiencing a lack of support for cartooning in grammar school, I decided to get a job in graphic design rather than University education. I got to learn all the Adobe software by trial and error in a real world environment on company hardware, which was always better than what I could afford at the time. I then became a digital retouch artist and graphic designer for a magazine publishing firm for 13 years after leaving school. Since then, I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator in London for almost 4 years (8 including the crossover with my last design job).

leedanielsart-300x212What was it about animation that got your attention? 

Cartoons like Wile E. Coyote and Tom and Jerry. I always saw the levels of creativity, invention and escapism in cartoons as light-years ahead of the live action drip-feed in to our living room for the other 95% of viewing time.

Cartoons have always been generally viewed as childish because of the history in kids TV, which is why I like to use the medium to create work that is not necessarily childish – without taking it too far of course, that’s the job of South Park.

Inspiration: Is it easy to come by for you or is it a rare pearl? How do you find it?

My previous videos include everything from the misfortune of frogs, though triumphant hamsters, to incompetent Secret Service agents and intelligence tests for a reluctant chimp. Although there is no overriding theme to all, I would have to highlight the common thread as the success of seemingly inferior beings over their seemingly superior tormentors. So inspiration for this can be found pretty much anywhere and tends to come fairly easily. I’ve usually got about 2-3 ideas for future shorts in mind while working on any one project.

lee-daniels-art-212x300Do you believe in creative blocks?  How do you push through them?

Yes, absolutely. Although this is almost impossible to do, I find the best way to get through a potential day-spoiler is to just drop everything, stop working and go for a run. Admittedly this is much easier to do now that I’m working for myself – leaving an employment situation in this fashion would be frowned-upon at best! The only real escape to freedom during a creative block in my old job was a trip to the coffee machine the long way round, which was not very inspiring.

What’s your go-to product within the Adobe Creative Suite? Why?

This may sound like a cop-out answer but my go to product is the Creative Suite. I like to view it as one playground. More specifically, if I’m static illustrating or cartooning, it would be a mixture of Illustrator and Photoshop. If I’m animating it would be the previous two plus After Effects, Premiere Pro and Soundbooth. If I’m doing a graphic design job it would be Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. But generally, whatever project I’m working on, I can guarantee to be pressing Apple + Tab multiple times throughout. I’ve downloaded free trials of a lot of different software over the years, but nothing comes close to Adobe in my opinion. I treated myself to the Master Collection after leaving my job to go freelance, and I wouldn’t change it for anything else.

What was your favorite project you worked on while using Adobe Creative Suite?

My most recent work ‘Jungle Brawl‘ is definitely my proudest achievement so far. I made a decision early on not to cut any corners when creating the background artwork and even playing the music myself on guitar as opposed to ‘loops’ (apart from the drum loops, which I don’t play). Previously, I’ve concentrated my efforts mainly on the characters, but I spent a lot of sleepless nights storyboarding, painting the rainforest environment and thinking of new ways to shoot the scenes in an attempt to keep up the filmic quality.

I utilized all the major Creative Suite applications during production – as you’ll see from the credits – and After Effects is definitely the star of the show, although heavily backed-up by Photoshop and Illustrator. After Effects is an incredibly powerful cartoon animating tool and I’m pleased to be championing its use for this medium.

Who are your creative role models?

Stylistically, I take inspiration from hundreds of undiscovered creatives in my online networks. Inspiration from more publicly known artists and companies would be some of the more obvious: Frank Miller, Jamie Hewlett, Patrick Brown, Dave Gibbons, Pixar, Warner Brothers.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new animator/artist starting out, what would it be?

Learn the software and practice, practice, practice. Every piece of software I’ve used has been predominantly learned by trial and error. I find that pure experimentation throws up unexpected problems and only deepens your knowledge in the long run by forcing you to learn what NOT to do.

To find out more about Lee’s upcoming work, you can follow him on Twitter @LeeDanielsART.

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New MacBook Pro Retina Display Support

Adobe’s product teams are keenly aware of a creative professional’s desire to experience the highest quality creation experience. That is why I am delighted to announce our plans to optimize a selection of our products to display your content and creations on HiDPI displays, including the Retina Display available on the new MacBook Pro. Over the next few months, key Adobe products will deliver HiDPI display support to all customers on current releases.

HiDPI displays allow for a dramatic improvement in image fidelity and resolution. Naturally, designers, photographers and creative professionals want to take full advantage of this new technology. Software that is not native to HiDPI display uses interpolation to duplicate pixels to fill the screen, meaning text is not as sharp and images don’t have as much detail. The increased resolution of these displays requires that each product update the interface of the application and ensure that the content or the creation itself is displayed accurately with the appropriate level of fidelity. As an example, to enable HiDPI display support in Photoshop requires the replacement of 2500 icons and cursors and other engineering work which will be complete and ready for customers this Fall. This resolution shift in the new display technology presents unique challenges to teams that support bitmap, vector or video content. Therefore each product team will be releasing support for HiDPI display for Apple’s Retina Display as soon as the development is complete and tested for each individual product.

We expect to update the following products with HiDPI support, free to all CS6 and Creative Cloud customers, over the next few months:


Edge Animate




Photoshop Touch


Adobe Premiere Pro


We are currently evaluating the roadmap for when other products may support HiDPI displays, and we will announce those plans as they are finalized.

At Adobe we work hard to support the latest innovations. We will continue to release security patches, bug fixes and support new hardware changes, like HiDPI display support, to all of our customers outside of our regular development cycles just as we have always done.  Additionally, with Creative Cloud we now have the opportunity to release new features as they are ready, outside of major release cycles. On August 28, Illustrator released several features exclusively to Creative Cloud members. I am excited to announce that beginning this Fall, even more our flagship products, including Photoshop, will begin to release features exclusively to Creative Cloud members. Creative Cloud members will be able to enjoy the latest product enhancements as they are ready without having to wait for major product releases.

This is an exciting time. Stay tuned over the next few months for more exciting developments to come.

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Illustrator Updates, Exclusively Available for Creative Cloud Members

Delivering on Adobe’s promise that Creative Cloud members get early VIP access to new product updates, we’re excited to announce new Adobe Illustrator graphic design software feature updates exclusively to full Creative Cloud members and point product subscribers.

Focusing mainly on productivity, new features in this include:

Package Files – a long-requested feature that allows designers to automatically collect all the files used in an Illustrator project, including linked graphics and fonts, into a single folder helping make handoffs and sharing of projects more efficient and error-free.

Unembed Images – a new capability that helps enables production artists to quickly unembed images that have been embedded into an Illustrator file by other designers or customers, eliminating much wasted time in day-to-day production work.

Links Panel Enhancements – a new feature enhancement that allows users to access and track information on any artwork placed in an Illustrator file much quicker. What used to require multiple clicks to ensure all placed graphics meet necessary requirements for output, is now surfaced up front.

To learn more about these features, please check out the videos below or visit the Illustrator Team Blog.

Package files

Unembed images and Links panel enhancements

If you haven’t had the chance to join Creative Cloud, you can subscribe for 40% off if you have a CS3 product or later. To learn more about Creative Cloud, visit:

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