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October 13, 2017 / Adobe MAX

Design Entrepreneurship

Is it a better or worse climate for designers to be entrepreneurs today compared to five years ago?

Adobe MAX
October 12, 2017 / Adobe MAX / Announcements

Introducing the 2017 Adobe MAX Insiders

We’re thrilled to share the talented and inspiring group of creatives from around the world we’ve invited to be this year’s Adobe MAX Insiders. Get to know a bit about them, and be sure to follow their adventures at #AdobeMAX as they experience our creativity event of the year!

September 20, 2017 / Adobe MAX

Pawel Nolbert on Paint, Process, and the Joys of Analog

Visual artist Pawel Nolbert recently collaborated with Logitech on their release of Craft – a new keyboard that promises to change the way creatives work. Logitech sat down with him to talk inspiration, process, and what’s it like to create a piece of work with the new keyboard.

Adobe MAX
September 19, 2017 / Adobe MAX

Elevate Your Social with Adobe Spark

Did you know Adobe Spark Post is the fastest way to create stunning graphics for your social feed? Install the iOS app or log in on web before MAX so you’ll be ready to share your favorite MAX memories in a beautiful graphic in just a few clicks. Here’s a sample design to get you started. Just hit remix and give it your own spin.

Adobe MAX
September 14, 2017 / Adobe MAX

Experience: Lumix Stories

Lumix Stories reveal the wonders of our planet, the people, the cultures… though the universal language of photography. Panasonic is proud to share this series of shorts created by documentary filmmaker Griffin Hammond featuring four Lumix Luminary Team members who each relate their experiences with mirrorless cameras.

Adobe MAX
September 14, 2017 / Adobe MAX

Revealing Profiles of MAX Speakers in Create Magazine

We’re honored and a bit humbled to have such breadth of talented designers and artists speaking at Adobe MAX. One of the best places to learn more about these creatives and their work is Adobe Create Magazine which has profiled a number of these speakers in the past few years. Take a deeper dive into the artists’ work and approaches in these profiles from Create: