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How to Design for Your Next Event

Effective brand events need effective marketing. Before, during, and after your event, the assets you design can make all the difference. As you plan, keep these assets on your radar and these tips and tricks in mind.

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#WeekofIcons – Icons for the Ages

Iconography isn’t going anywhere. Learn how icon styles are used to enhance the user experience in a world dominated by technology.

Artist spotlight: Sebastien Hue

When selecting an artist to create a piece of artwork on our November Visual Trends theme, “Machine Learning Comes to Life“, there seemed to better choice than French ‘photobasher’, concept artist and matte painter, Sebastian Hue.

Turning Tech into Artistic Inspiration

Digital artist Sebastien Hue creates epic artwork inspired by his love of technology and science fiction.

Machine Learning Comes to Life

This month we’re writing about how new technology shapes the ways artists work and are inspired. To start, we take a look at AI all around us, and how it’s impacting artists in particular.

October 30, 2017 / Adobe Stock

Cinemagraphs: The Mesmerizing Place Between a Photo and a Video

We talked to designer Chris Converse about making cinemagraphs, a hybrid between photos and videos.