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Creative Suite Ambassador of the Month: Rob Brown


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Creative-Layer_Rob-Brown-298x300The Creative Suite Ambassador Group* continues to provide us with a great opportunity to engage with a number of our Creative Suite enthusiasts. As we did with ambassador, Verneda Lights, we’re pleased to introduce our next Ambassador of the Month – Rob Brown. Below is our exchange with Rob, a professional graphic designer and photographer.


Creative Layer: Graphic design and photography seem like your two primary focus areas. What drew you into the creative field? 

Rob Brown: From a young age, I loved art. In high school, I had to fill an elective and could only fit in one drawing class, so I took a graphic arts course and fell in love. I was drawn to the blending of math and art, and the creative process using ink and machinery. I was lucky to have access to a Heidelberg press and lead type bays. When I was fourteen, the digital realm of graphic design was just starting.


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Creative Suite Ambassador of the Month: Verneda Lights

Verneda-11-247x300Over the past few months, we’ve been able to converse with some of our Creative Suite enthusiasts through our Creative Suite Ambassador Group*. We’ve learned more about what moves them to create and have seen some inspiring work.  Today we are sharing the first in a series of interviews from one of our Ambassadors through our  ‘Ambassador of the Month’ feature.


I’m happy to introduce, Verneda Lights.  Verneda is a poet, performer, graphic artist, and a M.D. We caught up with Verneda to find out how she started her professional career as a designer and much more.

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