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Using Typography to Illustrate Your Brand Voice

From credibility to readability, the typeface you choose should create a welcoming atmosphere that sets the tone for your brand. These important ideas will help you decide which typeface will illustrate your voice.

Design Segment
February 14, 2017

Design Tips for 6 Common Marketing Projects

While you have design skills, it’s not reasonable that you’re a master of all things design or can channel creative inspiration on demand. And if you’re not using design software day in and day out, you might need some help getting started, or at least a quick refresher. Here are some quick design tips and best practices to help you create six typical marketing pieces — and deliver anything but typical results.

December 12, 2016 / Digital Imaging

Photoshop CC Adds Support for OpenType−SVG Fonts: An in-depth look

OT-SVG color fonts are now supported in Photoshop! This post dives into what they are, how to use them in Photoshop CC, and what exciting possibilities they open up for the future of design.

Project Felix
December 6, 2016

Going Digital: Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design

Anyone remember 1985, more specifically PageMaker? Our sixth article in our retrospective series takes us to the eve of digital; digital desktop publishing and graphic design that is. Find out how creative professionals went from X-Acto knives to Mac, what they feared and what they gained by embracing new workflows and the technology that was designed to support it.

November 10, 2016

You’re Surrounded: Graphic Design in the Real World

For the past few weeks, we’ve been taking you on a graphic design journey from the printed page; to the silver screen and the one on your smartphone; and now we’re heading out into the real world to see examples of work that fits so seamlessly into your daily routine that you don’t even notice it, or grabs your attention with its visual power.

Hands-On: Graphic Design Tools Before the Desktop Publishing Revolution

Our retrospective on graphic design takes a slight u-turn as we travel back in time. Like waaaay back. Take a look at how the OGs (original gangsters) of the 50s and 60s made it work from a hands-off-hands-on perspective.