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7 Strategies for Effective Visual Storytelling

Effective visual storytelling requires rethinking your approach to visual hierarchy, investing time in designing the small visual details, and going beyond marketing’s perception of a brand. Here are 7 tips from Studio Element’s Brian Barrus on helping brands tell their story.

Designing for Large-Scale Interactive Media at LAX

Can large-scale, story driven visual media and interactive features help put the magic and romance back into air travel? The Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS) is doing just that at LAX’s international terminal. Learn more about designing for large-scale and multi-dimensional media surfaces from project leader Mike Rubin.

Social Media Day: How Social-First Artists Bring Creativity to Today’s Hottest Social Media Platforms

Social-first artists are changing platforms like Instagram and Tumbler from simple social networks into a creative canvas. The team behind Art404 share their thoughts on the evolution and future trends of the social-first art movement.

How the MLB Network Creates Content for Multi-Screen World

Sports fans are passionate, engaged and consuming content on multiple devices. Here’s how Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise is helping the MLB Network streamline their workflow and creative delivery.

How the Right Collaborative Tools Drove Alere’s Global Rebranding

A successful global rebrand goes far beyond simply changing a company’s name or logo. It requires a systematic refresh of your visual identity and the right tools to ensure you’re communicating that new brand effectively across your marketing channels. Here’s how global healthcare company Alere approached their rebrand.

How Progressive SMBs Are Fueling Growth: A Closer Look at 2016’s Top Tech Trends

New research finds that today’s small and midsize businesses are facing more demands on their time and creative energies to meet customer needs. Here’s a closer look at how investing in technology, embracing mobile workflows, and other strategies are helping progressive SMBs get ahead.