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unexpected creative careers

Step Right Up: How Mark Morreau Is Using Adobe Premiere Pro to Help Contemporary Circus Go Digital

Photographer and videographer Mark Morreau shares his excitement in helping develop the contemporary circus into a new genre of film.

unexpected creative careers

Using Creative Cloud to Bring Theme Parks to Life

Explore what it’s like to be a theme park designer, as we connect with the BRC Imagination Arts team on using new tools of immersive storytelling and engagemnt to create personalized customer experiences.

unexpected creative careers

The First Thing They See: The Unexpected Career of the Retail Package Designer

Creating retail packaging is a step-by-step process involving everything from logo design to selecting the right materials. Kerri Konik, founder and senior package designer at Brandscape Atelier, overviews the details of picking the right packaging for your brand.

The 6 Biggest Design Mistakes Brands are Making Today

We reached out to our community of creative and design thinkers to get fresh insights on the biggest mistakes brands are making in 2016 – and how to avoid them.

unexpected creative careers
February 16, 2016 / Enterprise

How Adobe Is Advancing Design-Led Innovation in the Public Sector

Jerry Silverman of Adobe has been evangelist for creativity for as long as he can remember. He shares his thoughts on design-led innovation, how Adobe is helping further the movement, and how anyone can be a visual storyteller using basic tools.