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Project Felix

Working with Adobe Stock in Project Felix

3D expert Michael Dolan show us how to use Stock assets inside Project Felix to create eye-catching three-dimensional graphics.

Pulling the Real World Into 3D: The True Stories Behind Models and Materials

We talked to the people designing assets for Project Felix about what they’ve created, what inspired them, and the most interesting and challenging aspects of creating 3D assets.

Design Segment
July 19, 2017

Project Felix 0.3: 3-D Compositing Made Even Easier

Project Felix 0.3 is here. We’ve added and improved features that speed up your workflow, like outdoor lighting, bookmarks to save your place in a 3-D space, and faster rendering times.

3D: The Power of Outdoor Light

Learn how Adobe Dimension and Adobe Stock 3D assets can help designers fine tune lighting in outdoor scenarios.

3D: The Power of Indoor Light

Lighting is integral part of design, both 2D and 3D. With Adobe Dimension and Adobe Stock assets, you can easily manipulate and control the lighting to find the perfect exposure and tone for your creative project.

Trend Exploration: Assets with a Purpose

We take a look at the in-demand stock pieces designers use to create 2D and 3D compositions, from rich patterns and textures to technically complex 3D models.